Make sure you don't fall for a fake Easyrig

Johan Hellsten from GTC sponsor Easyrig has asked us to circulate the unfortunate news that there are fake copies of the Easyrig system available on the market. These Chinese-made copies can look identical when viewed on the internet but are inferior in quality in many ways. If contemplating a purchase, please make sure you buy only from reputable official dealers - a full list can be seen here:

As a quick check, all genuine Easyrig rigs are labelled 'Made in Sweden' and the Easyrig Mini adjustment wheels are labelled 'Easyrig Mini'.

The team at Easyrig have tested the fake Easyrig 8-18 kg produced in China and come to the conclusion that the quality is low and that it will not stand up to use over time. The quality issues include:

1. Very high friction on the rope.

2. The camera hook is very weak and it is false to claim that it will stand the pressure from 18 kg/39.5 lbs.

3. The padding inside the vest is thin and lacks the plastic layer that should prevent the side bars to be connected to the vest during a long period of use.

4. The support bar is not adjustable in height.

5. When the two support bars are folded the sharp edges will fray the line, meaning it is likely to snap in use.

6. The manual is a bad Xerox copy of the Easyrig one and uses the name Johan Hellsten implying it is made by Easyrig.

7. The copy is 30% heavier in weight.

8. These copies are bought do not have service backup such as that available when  proper Easyrig is purchased.

These are some of the defects that the Easyrig copy that the team found when they tested it but there are other faults as well.

Also, there is a model called 'Easyrig 3-10kg' around - there is no genuine model of this name. Read more.



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