Have you seen: SteadiShots.org?

Have you discovered this fascinating site yet? 

SteadiShots.org is a site where the skills of the men and women responsible for some of the most memorable shots in television and cinema history are put on display. 

Some of the very best and most innovative steadicam shots from both cinema and television have been collected together and are searchable in various different ways – by shot, production or operator.  Once seen, who could forget the Larry McConkey sequences from Good Fellas or the restaurant shot from Kill Bill?

Here you can find both shots and behind the scenes footage and 'how we did it' explanations from steadicam legends like Ted Churchill and the man himself Garrett Brown. And new footage is being added all the time so you can view shots like the much talked about Eurovision 2009 segue shot (as nominated for an Award for Excellence in the GTC Awards 2009).

If you're fascinated by long developing, intricately choreographed shots and how these are put together, this site is well worth a visit – but only if you have some time to spare as you'll find yourself spending longer than you intended there!

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