Want to work in feature films?

CineMasters presents a Features Masterclass
10–12 April 2015 – at Pinewood Studios

A unique opportunity for young and less experienced film-makers to meet and learn from leading industry professionals.

The CineMasters Features Masterclass cancelled in October has now been rescheduled for April and compressed to take just one weekend with the price cut to £99.50. With a busy three-day schedule, covering a wide range of disciplines introduced by experienced practitioners from the feature film world, this looks like it will be great taster for those who haven't yet had the chance to work on a feature.

It has been set up because Cine Guilds recognises that graduates with all the technical knowledge and creative ability to develop a successful and fulfilling career in the industry, are missing out on the chance to work with and learn from the best in their fields because even 'mega‑budget' productions are working with smaller and smaller crews on set – with the inevitable result of fewer training and new-entrant placements.

CineMasters is offering recent and about‑to‑be graduates the opportunity to:

  • meet award‑winning Heads of Department in both the core and specialist departments that make up a working unit for features and TV drama
  • learn how their careers progressed
  • hear how they approach each new project
  • appreciate the non‑technical skills needed to become the Heads of Department that directors and producers WANT on their productions.

During the weekend you will find out more about the specialist film skills (like script supervisor and location manager) that are essential to the smooth running of drama productions, as well as the creative crafts (like hair/make-up/prosthetics and stunt co-ordinators) without which favourite shows would be deadly dull.

Pinewood Studios and Creative Skillset are both supporting this masterclass.

Leading industry practioners, including Penny Eyles, Jim Dowdall, Derek Suter and Simon Bowles, will represent eight departments involved in filming drama and features - Camera, Sound, Editing, Production Design, Continuity, Location Manager, Stunt Co-ordinator and Hair and Makeup. Participants will be introduced to the production prep work of the latter five crafts and learn how members of the Camera, Sound and Editing departments can work with those Heads of Department to make the unit run more productively.

This will be a busy three days – to see what the course offers you can download more information and the course schedule.

Course Cost: £99.50
To reserve a place on this course
contact Sally Fisher at CineMasters


CineMasters is an educational resource set up by the Cine Guilds of Great Britain to enable education professionals to contact specialist film and TV personnel to help educate and inspire the industry's upcoming talent. The professional credits and awards of CineMasters who have agreed to join the scheme can be checked out before booking these industry professionals to come and talk to students about their life and work or more specialist areas of their careers.

"CineMasters will give the next generation of 'new media' lecturers and students the most in-depth insight into the art of professional film and television production," said Joe Dunton, chair of Cine Guilds and Cinemasters. "Between them the CineMasters represent thousands of years-worth of industry knowledge which must be passed on to maintain the UK as a leader in the international industry."

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