The Industry Trust asks you to join the fight against piracy

The Industry Trust was set up in 2004 to help promote copyright and all the good stuff it does. It works together with member companies (from film studios to retailers) to spread the word about the positive role copyright plays in helping to protect creative ideas and to secure the livelihoods of the 150,000 people that work in film and TV in the UK. Now it is asking for the help of industry professionals in spreading its message.

We Need You!

The Industry Trust has a sizeable challenge ahead: to limit copyright theft of film and television content. Copyright theft costs the UK film and television industry around £500 million every year. With almost one third of Britons involved in viewing or buying illegal film and TV content (Ipsos MORI), the issue has been described by Lord Triesman as the ‘most pressing issue of the digital age'.

With the biggest barrier to success the public perception that the film and TV industry is ‘rich, faceless and excessively commercial', the Trust has recognised the need to work with on-the-ground industry practitioners (that's you!) from the very start. Those working ‘behind the scenes' put a credible, human face to the importance of copyright for the creative industries, making consumer education more possible.

Every time piracy hits the headlines, there is a small but vocal group who speak out in favour of free content. We need you to help us counteract this standpoint, showing the other side of the argument, so it comes from the very people whose livelihoods depend on the film and television industry. And if you're in doubt, here are a couple of bite-size chunks of information for you to share round the watercooler / in the pub to shock/persuade your mates:

• Film tourism brings £800 million to UK shores each year
• 7 million Brits are regularly downloading content from unauthorised websites
• 152,000 people work in the AV industries in the UK
• The UK film and TV industry is the fourth biggest contributor to the UK GDP
• Copyright theft costs the UK film and TV industry £500 million a year
• Average budgets for UK films have fallen from £5.6m in 2003 to £3.1 in 2009
• Illegal downloading jeopardises future film and TV production

We want to recruit ‘ambassadors' for the industry, who can help to cascade our campaign messages out to film and TV consumers. Could you help us by doing any of the following? Drop us a line if you are keen to help. Email:

What you can do
• Make the pledge to support the UK Film and TV industry at
• Invite a friend/your workmates to make the pledge, and tell their friends
• Put the pledge on your facebook page
• When piracy hits the headlines, would you be willing to post comments in forums?
• Tell us your story? Your tales could provide newspaper column inches for our campaign
• Do you know any facts and figures we could use (Are you being asked now to work for free until after a film has released?)
• Use your contacts, lobby a celebrity to help the industry. The public listens to well-known faces; could you help us or know anyone who can?
• We have a map of all British filming locations - could you help us add to it?
• Tell us what you think of what we do (Do you like our website / YouMakeTheMovies cinema trailers /How can we make our campaign bigger and better?)

More about the Industry Trust at


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