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Zerb 85: Spring 2017

Zerb cover 84The guest editor for Zerb 85 was Ashley Meneely and design was by Toast Design, Banbury.

This edition is available digitally to GTC members only.

Contents of Zerb 85

  • Flight of the Swans – filmed on RED cameras
  • High-level shooting for widlife including canopy access, remote camera stake-outs and gyro-stabilised tracking
  • GTC Chair Graham Maunder recalls working on 15 Olympic Games
  • Tracking the action – innovative, customised tracking systems for major sporting events from Camera Corps
  • How do you design the perfect camera cover? CP Cases explains
  • What do you need to know before starting to shoot 360 degrees?
  • Video Europe on the Nokia OZO 360 system
  • Ground Control – the new remotely controlled follow spots that are taking LE studios by storm
  • The trend for vintage: lenses from One Stop Films and lights from Shift 4
  • The music man – Sally Garrett interviews music director Paul Dugdale
  • Learning from the experts – advice from experienced and multi-skilled wildlife camerawoman Gail Jenkinson for student member Laura Jeacocke
  • HDR explained – by Neil Thompson
  • Into the thick of battle – work experience on the Battle Porms filming for big-screen transmission using technology from GTC sponsors Boxx TV
  • Polecam inventor Steffan Hewitt recounts the story, bringing it up to date to its latest incarnations and uses
  • Student member Kate Priestman on how to crowdfund a graduation film and get it shown on the festival circuit
  • Apprenticeships: GTC Education Officer looks at the opportunities for apprentices in the industry
  • Light field technology
  • Carnets – a cautionary tale from GTC member Philip Spiering who learns the hard way to double-check the carnet paperwork at all stages

Managing Editor: Alison Chapman;  Guest Editor: Ashley Meneely

GTC members wishing to view this edition digitally can access it here:



Zerb Archive

Zerb 84 Autumn 2016

Guest editor: John Rossetti

  • Filming charity appeal films – Graham Maunder
  • Tales behind the filming of the BBC natural history series The Hunt
  • Director John Kirby on why a great relationship with the camera crew is key to successful live OBs
  • Lighting refit: Sky Sports News studio
  • Underwater filming: using custom-built mounts
  • Latest generation cameras from RED
  • Drama lighting: GTC workshop with DoP Nick Dance BSC
  • Versatile head and jib arm – in action for the 2016 Euros in Paris
  • Panasonic VariCam LT – filming badgers at night with the native 5000 ISO
  • TLCI: latest news on how TLCI is being used from Alan Roberts
  • Happy 70th Anniversary: Zerb pays tribute to Ikegami in its 70th year
  • All about the Aurora remote control head
  • UV filtration – don't get caught out by unexpected UV emissions from your lamps, especially in historic locations
  • A DoP's tooolbox: latest range of top-end monitors from Transvideo
  • Easyrig Cinema Flex Vest: new for the girls from GTC sponsors Easyrig
  • ADAPT TV: recreating a 1970s OB
  • Connections, connections – why contacts are all important in TV

Sample articles from Autumn 2016

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Zerb 83 Spring 2016

Guest editor: Peter Newman

  • The Rugby World Cup 2015
  • Corporate – a look at the new opportunities for good quality work in this growth area
  • The ALEXA Mini – user reports from documentary, drama and aerial shoots
  • Doctor Foster – shot on the Panasonic VariCam
  • New from Panasonic, the VariCam LT
  • Introduction to the International Association of Wildlife Film-makers (IAWF) - newly incorporated into the GTC
  • Filming leopards with camera traps by IAWF member Mateo Willis
  • Power and backup in remote situations by GTC member Kevin Augello
  • Glass revival: why optical filters matter  – by filter guru Carey Duffy
  • Dick Hibberd, Founder of the GTC, remembered
  • Bill Vinten – a life lived to the full. Dudley Darby pays tribute
  • Steadicam: a roundup of the latest generation models and training
  • Kit review: Panasonic AG-DVX200 by GTC member Phil Thomas
  • Eye care – what camera crew should know to preserve their eyesight
  • Camera preservation – member Nick Gilbey explains how a few enthusiasts are preserving rare historic TV cameras

Sample articles from Spring 2016

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Sample articles from Spring 2016

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Sample articles from Spring 2016

Click on the images below to see sample articles from this issue of Zerb.


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Zerb 82 Autumn 2015

Guest editor: Ged Yeates

  • Gavin Finney BSC on Wolf Hall
  • Ballot Monkeys, C4 General Election comedy
  • Kliktrak/Kombidolly tracking system from Hillrigs
  • Patrick van Weeren – in-house advisor at WTS
  • Camerawork and motherhood -–are they compatible?
  • Hemingway's car – Adam Docker on a Cuba shoot
  • LUTCalc – by GTC member Ben Turley
  • Kit review: Sony PXW-FS7
  • Fujinon UA-Series – latest 4K lens technology
  • John Anderson talks to camera helicopter pilot Keith Thompson
  •  Colin Tomlin of Videosys on designing a new minicam
  •  Stornoway-based Alasdair Maclean: becoming a BBC news cameraman
  •  How the ExtraShot podcast is the new crewroom
  •  KerriKart – an innovative new camera cart/slider
  •  Zimbabwean GTC member Jeremy du Toit on relocating to the UK
  •  DJI Ronin training at GTC sponsor Off Trax

Sample articles from Autumn 2015

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Zerb 81 Spring 2015

Guest editor: Paul Mellon

  • Epic time-travel drama Outlander
  • The Ryder Cup
  • Nick Dance BSC interviewed
  • 4K toolkit – from GTC sponsors Sony
  • The Gimbal Vest from Easyrig
  • Still Game – TV sitcom as arena event
  • Codex – high-end recording
  • Paul Francis: the last cameraman at Camp Bastion
  • Springwatch - using multiple remote high-quality cameras
  • The new VariCam from GTC sponsors Panasonic
  • High-speed developments in slow and ultra motion
  • GTC member Mark Print on his triumph over a life-threatening illness
  • UCD broadcast – how and when will we see this in our homes?
  • The Bill Vinten GTC University Awards
  • Spatial movie production – a glimpse into the future

Sample articles from Spring 2015

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Zerb 80 Autumn 2014

Guest editor: Neil Harrison

  • Underwater camerawork
  • David Beckham in the Amazon – RED Dragon
  • The Brazil 2014 World Cup
  • Sky cricket coverage
  • The ARRI Amira
  • Salford's digital dockland
  • CTBF – the industry's benevolent charity
  • Blackmagic in the desert
  • Teaching actors to be cameramen for Alan Bennett's 'Enjoy'
  • Top Gear
  • Lens adaptors
  • TLCI News from Alan Roberts
  • Airline carry-on baggage rules
  • The MoVI rig

Sample articles from Autumn 2014

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Zerb 79 Spring 2014

Guest editor: Peter Heap

  • BT Sport's new studios at Olympic Park
  • Perils on the seas of Peru
  • Light-field cameras
  • RIP BBC Outside Broadcasts
  • America's Cup – official film shot on a Sony F55
  • America's Cup: SIS LIVE special cameras
  • Miller celebrates 60 years of tripod manufacturing
  • Learning to film with a multirotor
  • Whatever happened to camera craft?
  • Ninjas and Samurais - from Atomos
  • Dreamflight – how to get involved with the children's charity
  • RUBI-Radio Mini HD link system

Zerb 78 Autumn 2013

Guest editor: Matt Grant

  • Earthflight – aerial specialist Richard Cook
  • Cold Chain Mission
  • The TLCI measurement of lamps
  • The ARRI L7-C reviewed
  • The Sola ENG kit – GTC user review
  • Grand Designs
  • DoP Charles Lagus, Sir David Attenborough's first wildlife cameramen
  • Gurdip Mahal – lighting director 'Designing with Light'
  • Wireless technology for Steadicam from Boxx TV
  • The Skquattro – from The Camera Store
  • 75 years of televising the Oxford–Cambridge Boat Race
  • Jonathan Harrison on LEDs
  • Polecam a novel use in a miniature village
  • Young RED user Joseph Hutson
  • Camera training at The London Studios
  • The Blackmagic Cinema Camera – GTC user review

Zerb 77 Spring 2013

Managing editor: Alison Chapman

  • Isles of Wonder – televising the London 2012 Opening Ceremony sequence
  • Coldplay Live – the technology behind the Mylo Xyloto tour DVD 
  • The camera technology behind Felix Baumgartner's leap from space
  • Filming chimps in the jungle
  • Recollections of Hillsborough
  • World Without End – achieving a Pre-Raphaelite look for an epic Medieval drama
  • Outnumbered – producing naturalistic performances from the kids 
  • Slow motion camerawork 
  • Thomas English on the latest generation of Steadicam 
  • How do you become a cameraman? Advice from three recent entrants into the industry
  • Hot Topic – Has camera design gone mad? 
  • FantasyCam – the perfect 'cameraman's camera' 
  • Emmerdale is 40 
  • Interview with RTS Lifetime Achievement Award winner Martin Hawkins
  • Latest on-camera monitors from Marshall road tested

Zerb 76 Autumn 2012

Guest editor: Mark Langton

  • Televising London 1948 contrasted with London 2012
  • Zerb Basics – the technology behind radio cameras
  • The Royal Pageant – On board the Spirit of Chartwell and rigging Tower Bridge
  • The Bill Vinten GTC University Award 
  • 4K – Separating the truth from the hype 
  • How would Canon's much lauded C300 camera stand up to the rigours of an expedition in rural China?
  • Dan Greenway explains how minicams have come to be so omnipresent
  • The technology behind the coverage of the progress of the Olympic Torch
  • Take it easy on yourself – how Swedish cameraman came up with Easyrig
  • The ALEXA family grows up – and then there were five
  • Jules Greenway talks about his remarkable career as a cameraman
  • Raise the Roof in Kenya – how cameramen and other TV professionals are helping children in Kenya
  • Circumnavigating the globe for a corporate shoot
  • Power to the pixels - the technology behind the latest generation of onboard monitors explored
  • Kit reviews: the Sachtler Ace tripod system and the Ki Pro Mini from AJA
  • Nic Holman on filming the restoration of a Lightning jet
  • The media behind the mask – should you own a gas mask?

Zerb 75 Spring 2012

Managing editor: Alison Chapman

  • Freeze Frame: A cameraman's adventurers on ice
  • EOS C300 – the latest little camera from Canon
  • Undercover – covert filming of illegal hunters and traders around the world 
  • World War II Heroes – visualising the horror of war
  • Compact handheld cameras – GTC road test of the Panasonic HPX250 and the JVC GY-HM150
  • What should you know to keep safe in a war zone?
  • What will you learn on a hostile environment training course and why might it be the most important training you ever do?
  • Minicams – which is the best one for your shoot?
  • Forty Years Young: The GTC is 40! How did it all start?
  • Pim Korver: 'Seanest' – Dutch cameraman Pim Korver on maritime filming
  • High and Dry – filming on a tall ship with a team of young explorers
  • Driving Wars: How the latest minicam technology captured exciting footage of a high-octane stunt driving challenge
  • Open the BOXX – state-of-the-art low latency wireless technology
  • Part 2 of Chris Dickinson's adventures filming in the China
  • Video Ghost – a novel phantom powering system for cameras
  • Zerb Basics: Codecs

Zerb 74 Autumn 2011 

Guest editor: Bill Garrett

  • The Royal Wedding
  • DSLRs – disappointment or delight?
  • In China with GTC member Chris Dickinson
  • Self-shooting in Africa with a Panasonic AF101
  • Aliasing – an in-depth technical explanation of this problematic phenomenon
  • HD on the soaps – the camera decisions taken in the HD upgrade on the UK's leading soaps
  • Cooke Optics – the story of a top-quality British brand
  • Argentinian GTC member Martin Errea describes life as a working cameraman in South America
  • Syntax makes a convert – Ged Yeates tries out this SD–HD upconverter
  • GTC Royal Wedding album
  • Zerb celebrates 40 years of Anton/Bauer batteries
  • Damage limitation... for your ears only. How to protect your hearing at work
  • How cameramen Jim Cemlyn Jones and John Brierley collaborated to release an album 'All these dreams'
  • How to choose the right tripod and head for your shoot
  • Introducing Wimbledon Studios, London's newest studio complex plus GTC sponsors 3D specialists DECODE
  • Final Cut Pro X
  • IPv6 is coming... are you ready for it?
  • Travelling together – GTC members came together earlier in the year to film the Travel of the Photographer of the Year Award Winners exhibition
  • John Summers: one of the very first TV cameramen

Zerb 73 Spring 2011

Guest editor: Julian Hiorns

  • The Commonwealth Games
  • OK Go – the story behind the amazing one-shot 'This Too Shall Pass' video
  • Shooting 3D handheld in the Amazon rainforest
  • An Audience with the Pope – behind the scenes at this large OB from Cofton Park
  • ACS SMARTheads
  • French lens makers Angenieux's 75th Anniversary
  • Camera review: Sony PMW500
  • The Panasonic AG-3DA1 in action filming 3D on an oil rig
  • A colourful history – the story of GTC sponsors Rosco
  • The Golden Eye of Georgia – report from this festival of camerawork 
  • Holographic TV – a glimpse into TV of the future
  • Hearing without Headphones – PTSD, a health hazard for news crews
  • The Rory Peck Trust
  • Shooting 3D: how can you tell if you're getting it right? 
  • Camera Review: Canon XF305 and XF105 

Zerb 72 Autumn 2010

Guest editor: Alan Duxbury 

  • 3D – The next dimension is closer than you think
  • 3D rigs for football coverage
  • Life on the road as a news and current affairs cameraman
  • The General Election 2010
  • Mugabe and the White African
  • To Argentina via Turkey with The Quails
  • Life on the road with the Traffic Cops
  • A Bird in the Hand: a history of Vinten in their centenary year
  • Bill Vinten remembers ... 
  • Live from Albert Square – behind the scenes when EastEnders went live
  • Vortex – how use of the Award-winning vertical rig is soaring
  • A New Dimension for Panasonic – 3D from the French Open tennis
  • Project Supo: an innovative cross-media teaching approach from Belgium
  • Looking after your eyes on set
  • One Box: an OB in a box – the story of an innovative flyaway kit 
  • DITs and DFTs – what do the new boys on the crew do?
  • Goalmouth Technology – how Polecam gives a 3D view of football action
  • Shooting an SIV on beekeeping

Zerb 71 Spring 2010

Managing editor: Alison Chapman

  • Green Shoots in Africa – David James Foundation
  • Filming the world's longest horse race in Mongolia
  • iPhone apps for cameramen
  • Dreamflight – helping a charity for kids 
  • GTC members give to charity
  • A short guide to CGI for cameramen
  • Beagle's About – remote cameras go to sea 
  • Global Crisis – how cameramen can help 
  • LEDs: the energy-efficient solution
  • A look at green practices at Sony's Pencoed base
  • News about the latest generation of digital cameras from ARRI
  • A Trip to Tripoli - two accounts of working on a large OB in Libya
  • In search of an affordable HD LCD monitor – the JVC DT-V24L3D
  • Jeremy Hoare on lecturing down under
  • Lenses from Leicester. Dudley Darby visits the home of Cooke lenses
  • Ronald Charles Green 1930-2009 – an affectionate tribute to this highly respected and sadly missed cameraman
  • Cameraman's shoulder – and how to guard against it
  • HD DSLRs: still developing. Update on the digital SLR cameras
  • Making the Cut. David Fox reviews Final Cut Pro 7

Zerb 70 Autumn 2009

Guest editor: Nigel Cooper

  • Do or Die in New York City – the making of a self-funded documentary
  • I Can See Clearly Now ... the Sony PDW-700
  • Filming with the Yorkshire Air Ambulance
  • Panasonic AJ-HPX3700 reviewed
  • Aerial Filming: How safe are you?
  • Can you really shoot HD on a digital SLR?
  • How not to light a sitcom
  • The GTC Awards 2009 
  • The story behind ITV's Country Ways
  • Tips of the Trade: Focus and Exposure
  • X-Mo Super Slo-mo – slow-motion image capture at its best 
  • JVC GY-HM700 – a really well built budget camera 
  • MX02 – Digibeta quality edit suite in a bag? A truly portable edit solution
  • In search of an affordable HD LCD monitor – the JVC DT-V24L3D
  • Battery low, lights dim, picture intermittent – are you looking after yourself?
  • Why Polecam is an ideal tool for 3D shoots
  • Step by step guide to producing and marketing a special interest video

Zerb 69 Spring 2009 

Managing editor: Alison Chapman

  • Multicamera coverage of the Beijing Olympics rowing 
  • Flycam – how to achieve spectacular overhead tracking shots
  • Starting Out – real life stories of how GTC members became cameramen
  • Polecam: lightweight jibs at the Olympics
  • The planning behind the Beijing Olympics OB
  • Liverpool Nativity: the story behind the massive award-winning live OB
  • The other side of the track: how to track the horses 
  • A Day at the Races – the low-down on ACS's specialist camera systems 
  • F35 – digital film expert Dan Mulligan on Sony's latest top-end camera
  • HD in Scotland from HD specialists Midas Multimedia
  • A progress report and user views on the innovative RED 
  • Diary of a young cameraman – Part 1 of James Fulcher's story starting out
  • Putting the Sony EX1 through its paces in Afghanistan
  • Video 125 – the story of a highly successful 'niche' production company
  • Need finance for your new camera kit? Advice from specialists Fineline.
  • Time Scupture: the story behind an extraordinary 200-camera shoot

Zerb 68 Autumn 2008

Guest editor: Ged Yeates

  • The London Mayoral Debate – producing a major OB at short notice 
  • Nigel Meakin on shooting Michael Palin’s ‘New Europe’ on HD 
  • Visit to the lens specialists True Lens Services 
  • Filming the bears of Romania 
  • The story of sending pictures from the Moon for the Apollo programme 
  • FCP training – two approaches to getting to grips with the Final Cut suite 
  • Click – BBC News 24’s technology show 
  • Kosovo – filming when Europe’s newest state gained independence 
  • The latest on the tax status of freelance cameramen 
  • Polecam in the Arctic – filming walrus and seals in the frozen north 
  • Sony PMW-EX3 reviewed 
  • Multi-camera operations in a surgical operating theatre 
  • Relocating from Zimbabwe – starting all over again in the UK
  • RoscoVIEW reviewed 
  • Panasonic AJ-HPX3000 reviewed 
  • The work of the BFI’s National Film & TV Archive

Zerb 67 Spring 2008

Guest editor: Momin Javaid

  • Keith Massey on how to survive in the industry
  • Five events that changed the course of TV
  • The Vortex aerial camera mount system
  • Broadcasting over the internet
  • ‘Top Gear’ in the Arctic and filming the audience show
  • Coalhouse – reality TV in Wales
  • Cycling special – aspects of cycling coverage
  • Final Cut Studio 2 vs Creative Suite 3
  • Laurie Gilbert filming in Thailand
  • Decade by decade – perspectives from six generations of cameramen
  • Facilities and rentals – how to get the best out of these companies
  • Source2sea – an account of filming this challenging team-building exercise
  • LED lights come of age
  • How to work out which luminaire will give you the right amount of light
  • Which format – choosing the best format for the job
  • Zerb Basics: Depth of Field

Zerb 66 Autumn 2007 

Guest editor: Ian McCann

  • Paul Stewart on living and filming on the Galapagos Islands
  • Time-lapse photography
  • Filming the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight
  • GTC – the first 35 years
  • BBC – the Digital Media Initiative
  • P2 – Andy Portch on using the Panasonic format in China
  • ‘Pobol Y Cwm’ – goes tapeless
  • Momin Javaid: impressions of using XDCAM HD for the first time
  • ‘Time Team’ – through the ages
  • What’s it like to be a staff cameraman at the Chernobyl reactor site?
  • Silent Witness – shooting on the Arri D-20
  • ARRI: a celebration of the company’s 90 year history
  • Sony Vegas 7 reviewed
  • Mako Head – keeping a level horizon on the high seas
  • Zerb Basics: A Glossary of HD Terminology
  • Book review: Inventing Digital Television: The Inside Story of a Technology Revolution by Martin L Bell

Zerb 65 Spring 2007 

Guest editor: John Rossetti

  • Peter Eveson on why TV cameramen are ideally skilled to shoot HD drama
  • John Adderley on filming a time-lapse artwork
  • Jimmy Jib in the Arctic
  • How CMOS sensors work and what they can do
  • Tony Grant on the skill of improvisation: lighting
  • Hogfather – Sky’s biggest drama commission to date
  • Filming in Africa for a wheelchair charity
  • What does it take to be a cinematographer?
  • Camera sensitivity: SD vs HD
  • Filming against windows – tricks of the trade
  • Crash testing for dummies – high speed photography at Thatcham
  • Video Ark – ensuring archive video footage
  • XDCAM HD reviewed
  • Zerb Basics: Lighting 3 – The Great Outdoors

Zerb 64 Autumn 2006 

Guest editor: Clive North

  • Laurie Gilbert: on Mt Merapi during the Indonesian earthquake
  • Aerial cinematography over Everest for ‘Planet Earth’
  • Sky’s first HD documentary
  • Total eclipse of the sun in Libya
  • Grass Valley Viper on ‘Last of the Summer Wine’
  • Viper: Filmstream Ultimatte HD
  • Filming an ascent on Mt Everest
  • Live and Learn – we all had to start somewhere!
  • The HD jungle – guide to the current crop of HD cameras
  • Filming for charity in The Gambia on a Sony HVR-A1E camcorder
  • Camera menus – a user guide
  • Health and Safety at Work – what all cameramen should be aware of
  • Report from the 2006 HD Masters Conference
  • Zerb Basics: white balance

Zerb 63 Spring 2006 

Guest editor: Lee Helliar

  • Using Edwardian technology to film modern London
  • Visually Inarticulate part II – Jamie Cairney on shooting ‘The Thick of It’
  • ‘The Green Green Grass’ – HD sitcom
  • Alien Revolution (AR) – camera stabilization
  • In conversation with … John Simpson
  • Jonathan Young on filming in hostile environments
  • John Tempteton – in Iraq
  • News from the Channel Islands
  • Streaming for cameramen
  • When the going gets rough – coping with the nightmare shoot
  • Grass Valley Infinity – a new format
  • JVC GY-HD100 reviewed
  • Jeremy Hoare takes on a multi-camera shoot after a gap of 21 years
  • Zerb Basics: Lighting
  • Book Review: The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro

Zerb 62 Autumn 2005 

Guest editor: Alan Duxbury

  • Tsunami: the disaster and the aftermath
  • In conversation with… Sir David Attenborough
  • Around the world with Michael Palin
  • Diary of ITN’s general election coverage
  • 'Tribe' – Tim Butt on filming cannibals for the BBC
  • HD lenses – how do they differ from SD?
  • Mailbox – BBC Birmingham’s new home
  • How do directors choose their crew?
  • Career change – starting out at Ravensbourne College
  • Richard Hookings on using Polecam at the Athens Olympics
  • Are you insured? Things to check before you shoot
  • Digital Production – a new approach to ‘collaborative workflow’
  • Final Cut Studio reviewed
  • Zerb Basics: Exposure
  • Book Review: Practical Cinematography
  • Book Review: The Camera Assistants Manual

Zerb 61 Spring 2005 

Guest editor: Jonathan Flanagan

  • Account of a horrific helicopter accident while filming with Ray Mears
  • Operating remote cameras
  • Christian Parkinson on working as a ‘Broadcast Camera Journalist’
  • Shooting Partners test out P2
  • Clothing for extreme conditions
  • The HD future – views from camera manufacturers and experts
  • Sony HVR-Z1E – reviewed
  • Panasonic AJ-SDC905 road test
  • David Fox visits the Breda factory
  • The future’s bright – latest lights
  • Panasonic DVX100A – reviewed
  • DV Rack software tested
  • Motion – Apple motion graphics software review
  • Zerb Basics: Widescreen framing issues

Zerb 60 Autumn 2004 

Guest editors: John Hoare and Dudley Darby

  • Moving On – Is there life after camerawork?
  • How filming techniques have changed over time
  • Music in Mali – travelling to the middle of nowhere to film an amazing festival
  • Russian Ark – the ultimate Steadicam shot
  • Lord Puttnam interviewed
  • XDCAM road test
  • Filming ancient sports in Asia on HD
  • Virtual reality studio
  • Farewell to the ride-on cranes
  • Excess baggage – the scourge of overseas shoots
  • Kisslite – a camera mountable ring light
  • G-PIXX – the helicopter built for aerial filming
  • DV – the pros and cons of the low cost formats
  • Zerb Basics: all you need to know about zoom lenses

Zerb 59 Spring 2004 

Guest Editor: Dave Ballantyne

  • Commonwealth Games 2002
  • Digital wireless camera systems
  • OB in Nigeria – filming the Queen
  • In conversation with Dave Alex Riddett
  • Muddied but unbowed – filming underground
  • Garrett Brown – The Moving Camera Part II
  • Military cameraman
  • The Hospital – London’s newest facility
  • Griptech – starting up an equipment hire company
  • TV returns to East Timor 
  • Book review: Location Lighting for Television by Alan Bermingham
  • Tapeless camera systems
  • A look at some TV technology ideas that didn’t quite make the grade
  • KE Remote Systems – a profile of the Aussie crane company
  • Zerb Basics: Setting up your viewfinder

Zerb 58 Autumn 2003 

Guest editor: Christina Fox

  • The Grand Zerb lighting challenge – 6 experts choose a £1000 lighting system
  • The role of the military cameraman
  • River to Heaven – Laurie Gilbert in India
  • How to make money from your old footage
  • Uploading video to your website
  • What does the colourist like to see in your rushes?
  • Achieving the required look in camera (rather than post)
  • A guide to some of the effects that can be achieved in camera
  • Garrett Brown – The Moving Camera Part I
  • Steadicam – learning to use the rig on an intensive three-day course
  • Mac v PC – which is best for editing?
  • Final Cut Pro 4 – software review
  • The Twic Olympics – filmed in Sudan
  • Dmist – a solution for misty pictures
  • Polecam – the story of how this lightest weight crane evolved
  • Book Review: Audio for Single Camera Operation
  • High Definition movies – CineAlta HD cameras
  • Sony HDW 750P: road test
  • Adobe After Effects – software review
  • 360º imaging – the BBC’s ‘Where I Live' project
  • Getting the film look on tape with Panasonic’s AJ-HDC27 HD camera
  • Zerb Basics – Monitors
  • Book Review: High Definition and 24P Cinematography by Paul Wheeler

Zerb 57 Spring 2003 

Guest editor: John Keedwell

  • 30 Golden Rules of Camerawork
  • A tour of America for GTC member Karl Lear
  • DoP Chris Menges interviewed
  • Richard van Nijnatten - in Norway with NATO
  • Paul Wheeler on the mistake of cutting crew sizes
  • Digi-Mitchell - bridging the film/video divide
  • Peter de Jong on future-proofing movies
  • Wildlife cameraman James Gray
  • Optimising the hit rate of your website
  • The Mole Crane - 45 years and still going strong
  • Brian Sinclair on the art of editing
  • Biological Weapons: what should you know about bioterrorism?
  • The Thomson Viper: a grade above the rest? by Geoff Boyle
  • Zerb Basics: Filters

Zerb 56 Autumn 2002 

Guest editor: Karl Lear

  • Stephen Northcott on the art of the camera flyer
  • Laurie Gilbert gets his HUET certificate
  • Desmond Morris - interviewed
  • Filming vocanoes
  • Highly Defined: the CineAlta
  • Charles Teton on shooting with DVCAM
  • Shooting a feature film on HD
  • Canon HD: New prime lenses
  • HD review: Ikegami HdK-790D
  • From one extreme to the other with cameraman Malcolm Ludgate
  • Kayak Crazy: Exhiliarating camerawork in extreme conditions
  • Rhys Williams travels the world following football
  • Zerb Basics: Aerial cinematography from Laurie Gilbert
  • Fibertec - the new lightweight tripod from Vinten
  • Kit Review: the Red Eye wide-angle adaptor
  • Emtec: A visit to a tape manufacturer in Germany
  • The Whys and Wherefores of HD
  • That Elusive Film Look
  • Non-Linear Editing: The first step
  • A Closer Look at High Definition TV
  • Easy Rider - gathering news on a motor-bike
  • Testing, testing... the Sony MPEG IMX

Zerb 55 Spring 2002 

Guest editor: Mac Kenny 

  • Afghanistan: In the line of fire... by Julie Ritson
  • Making Waves - on the Blue Planet
  • Afghanistan: For a few dollars more
  • Mini DV for mainstream broadcast
  • Stormchaser Alister Chapman on selling footage on the web
  • How to make a pain-free insurance claim
  • Fact or Fiction? by past GTC Chairman Peter Ward
  • Court artist Elizabeth Cook on working with news crews
  • Two Man Crews - a dying breed?
  • Trevor Baylis - interviewed
  • Training crews in Sierra Leone 
  • Get the right vaccinations for your foreign shoot
  • Back to the Front - Life in the trenches
  • Zerb Basics - Equipment: hire or buy?

Zerb 54 Autumn 2001 

Guest editor: Christine Stanley

  • The GTC ballot on whether we should change our name
  • Mac Suibhne on the General Election
  • The lives and views of three camerawoman
  • Filmmakers for Conservation – by Chris Dickinson
  • 'Handy Andy' interviewed
  • We're All Broadcasters Now – by Christina Fox 
  • The latest industry-based course from Ravensbourne
  • Camerawoman Beka Dilworth on becoming a Steadicam operator
  • Lighting up the Dark Continent: The work of the Mohammed Amin
  • Foundation in Nairobi
  • Ged Yeates loses his luggage in Romania
  • Magnetic Tape: Do you know how to look after your tapes?
  • Zerb Basics: Paul Sampson on non-linear editing
  • Pangaea: A new 'Bed and Edit' facility in Devon

Zerb 53 Spring 2001 

Guest editor: Ged Yeates

  • Laurie Gilbert goes supersonic with The Turkish Stars
  • David Hands on working and keeping safe on the streets of Israel
  • Rolf Harris – interviewed
  • Paul Osborne on the potentially excellent DV format
  • A–Z of digital terminology
  • The latest widescreen DV cameras tested along with a tripod and head from Vinten
  • A day in the life of a news cameraman in... Asia
  • Spin that really works – how to keep your lens dry in the rain
  • The new camerawork – deliberately or really incompetent?
  • A revolutionary new field editor from Brick House
  • Mark Capstick on why you shouldn't overdo negative gain
  • Alister Chapman: storm-spotting in the USA
  • The widest lenses from Fujinon and Canon compared
  • Rene Collins shoots hi-def in Brazil
  • Zerb Basics: Sound for the Single Camera Operator – Part 2

Zerb 52 Autumn 2000 

Guest editor: Neil Faith

  • What's in your kitbag?
  • A wide angle on Ground Force
  • Mostyn Price at the North Pole
  • Gerald Kaufman – interviewed
  • Cee Vee Central – selling yourself on the internet
  • Desktop editing – does a cameraman need it? 
  • Roger Bolton on BECTU
  • Creating the look in camera – Geoff Boyle on filters
  • The post-production house 'Wizardry in Soho' shares a few of its secrets
  • 'Live' from Westminster – televising and lighting Parliament
  • Zerb Basics: Sound for the Single Camera Operator – Part 1
  • Hostile environments: Are you ready for them?

Zerb 51 Spring 2000 

Guest editor: Paul Mellon

  • Millennium Moments – how we spent Millennium night
  • Later than what...? – behind the scenes on the show that takes its music seriously
  • Kirsty Wark – interviewed
  • Pete Kelly and Des O'Hare shoot children's drama on a budget
  • Advice on buying your own kit from industry experts
  • What every cameraman should know... about Electricians
  • How coverage of the new Welsh Assembly and Scottish Parliament comes to our screens
  • Developments in Robotic Camera Control 
  • BBC thirty-six camera skiing coverage in Austria 
  • Could a Swedish invention for hand-held camera filming mean the end of back trouble? 
  • Getting trained to cope in an emergency
  • Road-testing JVC's GY-DV500E
  • Zerb Basics: The digital camera menu
  • Peter De Vries turns Summer into Winter with Digital Betacam

Zerb 50 Summer 1999 

Guest editor: Ian Nelson 

  • Chris Yacoubian on using minicams in South Africa
  • A walk up dream street with Caroline Wilson
  • Alastair Stewart – interviewed
  • Osteopath Jane Wheeler on keeping your spine in good shape
  • What every cameraman should know... about Sound
  • Mike Audick reports on shooting a Husky race
  • How a cameraman can become a director/producer
  • David Smith reveals the secrets of shooting a feature on tape
  • The most helpful sound books for cameramen
  • Tested – JVC's new DY-90 digital camera 
  • Zerb Basics: Timecode
  • Book Review: Timecode: A User's Guide by John Ratcliff
  • Darrell Thornton on the innovative lighting techniques used on Holby City


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Another Perspective: Underwater Masterclass with Gates STO Training
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