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Zerb 54 – Autumn 2001


  • The Name Game - the GTC ballot on whether we should change our name
  • Vote 2001 - Mac Suibhne on the General Election
  • Jobs for the Girls -  the lives and views of three camerawoman
  • Filmmakers for Conservation - by Chris Dickinson
  • 'Handy Andy' - interviewed
  • We're All Broadcasters Now - by Christina Fox 
  • Solid Foundations: The latest industry-based course from Ravensbourne
  • Steady Future: Camerawoman Beka Dilworthon becoming a Steadicam operator
  • Lighting up the Dark Continent: The work of the Mohammed Amin
    Foundation in Nairobi
  • Something for Romania - Ged Yeates loses his luggage in Romania
  • Magnetic Tape: Handle with care - do you know how to look after your tapes?
  • Zerb Basics: The new cutting edge. Paul Sampson on non-linear editing
  • Pangaea: A new 'Bed and Edit' facility in Devon
Managing Editor: Alison Chapman  Editor: Christine Stanley



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