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Zerb 63 – Spring 2006


  • 'Time Travellers of 1908' – using Edwardian technology to film modern London
  • Visually Inarticulate part II – Jamie Cairney on shooting ‘The Thick of It’
  • ‘The Green Green Grass’ – HD sitcom
  • Alien Revolution (AR) – camera stabilization in the round
  • In conversation with … John Simpson
  • Jonathan Young on filming in hostile environments
  • John Tempteton – in Iraq
  • News from the Channel Islands
  • Streaming for cameramen
  • When the going gets rough – coping with the nightmare shoot
  • Grass Valley Infinity – a new format
  • JVC GY-HD100 reviewed
  • Jeremy Hoare takes on a multi-camera shoot after a gap of 21 years
  • Zerb Basics: Lighting
  • Book Review: The Focal Easy Guide to Final Cut Pro 
Managing Editor: Christina Fox  Editor: Lee Helliar


Zerb Issue 63 (for purchase in the UK)

Price: £3.50 incl p&p
Availability: 3–5 days

Zerb Issue 63 (for purchase overseas)

Price: £6.50 incl p&p
Availability: 3–5 days

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