Simon Littlejohn

Simon Littlejohn

Wildlife camerawork
Camera assistant

I am a somewhat of late starter in my attempts to break into the world of wildlife filmaking, however I spent many years photographing numerous species around the world but it was in 2011 that I decided to take the plunge and concentrate my efforts on filming and attempt to break into the world of Wildlife/Nature/Conservation filmaking. I have until now filmed alone, but I am hoping to gain experience and get some credits under my belt by working as a member of a team on any wildlife or nature/ conservation production. I maintain a high level of fitness, and have a lot of experience in photographing in extreme environments, for long periods, including 3 winters in Patagonia, in a tent. I am a good skiier and snowboarder, and have spent the last 2 winters in Chamonix, working,filming, climbing and skiing touring. I was fortunate enough to have taken part in the 1992/3 Britsh Steel Challenge Round The World Yacht Race, the first fully crewed race sailing against the prevailing winds and currents, or the wrong way as it is known. I was part of the foredeck crew on the yacht Group 4 , which finished in 2nd place out of a fleet of 10 identical steel yachts, after 29,000 miles of racing through these most inhospitable seas including rounding Cape Horn, and South Africa. I was awarded the prize for best wildlife image taken during the race, but sadly my part in the race ended after my arrival in Cape Town, after suffering knee ligament damage deep in the southern ocean, so I was to miss the last leg of the race from Cape Town to Southampton. In 1998, I set of for southern Chiles, awe inspiring Torres del Paine National park, where I set about trying to locate the regions apex and most elusive predator, the Patagonian Puma. I would end up spending almost 3 years in total living in this incredible region, and plan to return in the future to make a film about the plethora of species and the incredible landscapes that can be found herdeep in southern Patagonia. The region was to recieve a lot of exposure in 1997 after the release of "Puma Lion of the Andes" filmed by the veteran wildlife cameraman Hugh Miles, this awe inspiring visual feast was my source of inspiration for travelling there, and my reason for wishing to become a wildlife cameraman. In May 2016 I commenced shooting material of 2 rare and endangered species in Andalucia, the Pyrenees as well as the French Alps, those species being the Iberian Lynx ( Lynx pardinus) the worlds 2nd rarest species of wild feline, and two of europes largest and rarest birds of prey, the Bearded Vulture ( Gypaetus barbatus ) or Lammergeier and the endangered Spanish Imperial Eagle ( Aquila adalberti ). I am planning to continue with both at some point in the future, but it seems my grand plan to pique the interest of a wildlife producer regarding my desire to make a film about wildlife in Patagonia has tickled someones fancy, and I have just started talking to an interested party, so I am feeling somewhat joyous at the moment, I still have a mountain to climb of course, but I am heading in the right direction.

Status Messages

  • I will be returning to Chamonix in November to continue filming the Bearded Vultures and Golden Eagles, 3 days per week, weather permitting.

    9 September 17

Work Area

Eire, Scotland, Wales, London, South West, South East, National, International (South America, Spain, Central America, Worldwide)



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ProAV Academy: Colour Management in Production

ProAV Academy: Colour Management in Production
30 Jul 19 @ ProAV, Eastman Way, 1 Hemel Hempstead HP2 7DU

KitPlus Show – Manchester

KitPlus Show – Manchester
5 Nov 19 @ MediaCityUK, The Open Centre, Blue, Salford M50 2HQ

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