The GTC is a non-profit making organisation financed partly by members' subscriptions but also by considerable sponsorship from a number of equipment manufacturers and suppliers, both large and small, from throughout the industry. By choosing to sponsor the GTC, you are hitting a very specific target customer who is both well informed about, and interested in, your products and services.

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Sponsorship of www.gtc.tv It takes a considerable proportion of the GTC's income to maintain this website and keep its content up to date and relevant. We invite your company to sponsor a particular section... [READ MORE]

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Sponsor the GTC Without the generous support of the GTC's many sponsors over the years, we would have struggled to provide the range and quality of services that our members have come... [READ MORE]

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GTC Sponsors The GTC is very grateful for the generous support of all the following companies: 3LR Lighting +44 (0)117 325 9098 3lrlighting.com Adamantean... [READ MORE]