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Fiilex is launching the Q10 COLOR

GTC sponsor Fiilex is launching the Q10 COLOR, a powerful 900W  full-colour water resistant LED Fresnel that floods and spots from 70 to 11 degrees. Like all the other Fiilex Colour Fresnels, this... [READ MORE]

Sachtler Aktiv™ Fluid Head range expanded to support heavier payloads

GTC sponsor Sachtler has announced an expansion of its aktiv fluid head product range. The new aktiv10T, aktiv12T and aktiv14T 100mm fluid heads brings speed and control benefits with heavier payloads... [READ MORE]

The next generation of Miro Cube has arrived!

GTC sponsor Rosco has induced the next generation of Miro Cube, the Miro Cube 2.   Main features include: Ludicrous Mode™ which redistributes power to maximize output pre-tuning at... [READ MORE]

Mo-Sys launches G30 gyro-stabilized head

GTC sponsor Mo-Sys Engineering has announced the launch of the G30 gyro-stabilized head. The design includes: semi-automated balancing – smart axis hold feature for faster set-up of camera... [READ MORE]

The new 4K Projector PT-FRQ50 from Panasonic is now available

GTC sponsor Panasonic has added Quad Pixel Drive to its 1-Chip DLP™ SOLID SHINE Laser projection technology to create the 5,200 lumen PT-FRQ50 projector. The PT-FRQ50 projector has Panasonic's original... [READ MORE]

New: Matthews 5" Pocket C-Stand™

GTC sponsor Matthews Studio Equipment (MSE) has announced the new 5" Sliding Leg C-Stand with Grip heads and Arm.  It offers features in a compact form, made from steel with a... [READ MORE]

Rotolight announces partnership with Sony & The Creativity Hub

GTC sponsors Rotolight and Sony, has announced a new and exclusive partnership with photography events company, The Creativity Hub to produce photography events across the UK and Europe in 2022.... [READ MORE]

Easyrig introduce the STABIL Light

Sweden based GTC sponsor Easyrig announce the latest addition to the Easyrig lineup; the STABIL Light. The STABIL Light supports gimbals between 2-7kg (4.4-15.4 lbs). The design is based on the original... [READ MORE]