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Ki Pro GO Multi-Channel H.264 Recorder/Player

GTC sponsors AJA Video Systems announced several new products at NAB including the latest addition to its Ki Pro family, Ki Pro GO – a portable genlock-free, multi-channel H.264 HD and SD redundant recorder/player. Ki Pro GO records pristine quality video to off-the-shelf USB media. The flexible architecture of Ki Pro GO is designed for live production, sports, corporate events, training, houses of worship and more.

“People love to watch content on phones and tablets, making easy H.264 capture attractive to video professionals because it simplifies distribution to a range of devices. Ki Pro GO introduces a low-cost, H.264 recording solution for this need that supports several multi-channel HD and SD video recording/playback configurations,” shared Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems.

Ki Pro GO combines the Ki Pro family’s intuitive design, flexibility and high quality with encoding/decoding of H.264 recording and playback in a compact 2RU, half-rack width form factor.

Users can easily record up to four channels of HD and SD content from SDI and HDMI sources to standard USB media. Genlock-free recording eliminates the need to synchronize four input sources, while redundant recording provides multiple backups in the field to protect the recorded video.

Four 3G-SDI and four HDMI ports ensure a high-quality source with standard cabling compatibility options. Video and audio input matrix channel mapping simplifies switching between physical inputs to the appropriate recording channel within the device’s UI from a mix of source inputs as needed. HDMI multi-channel monitoring enables Ki Pro GO to display up to four channels of video as a matrix monitoring output on one HDMI monitor.

Ki Pro GO feature highlights include:

  • Multi-channel H.264 recording and playback
  • 5 USB recording media slots, compatible with off-the-shelf USB 3.0 media
  • Redundant recording
  • Genlock-free inputs
  • 4 HDMI inputs
  • 4 3G-SDI inputs
  • HDMI and SDI multi-channel matrix monitoring
  • Selectable VBR recording profiles
  • Balanced XLR analog audio inputs, mic/line/48v switchable
  • 2-channel embedded audio per video input
  • Easy-to-use web UI, compatible with standard web browsers
  • Front panel button controls with integrated HD resolution screen
  • Stand-alone operation

Pricing and availability

Ki Pro GO will be available June for $3995 US MSRP. For more information, visit:

HDR Image Analyzer v1.1

AJA also announced HDR Image Analyzer v1.1, a free firmware update for its powerful, real-time HDR waveform, histogram and vectorscope monitoring and analysis solution. Developed in partnership with Colorfront, HDR Image Analyzer v1.1 introduces feature updates that help high dynamic range (HDR) productions deliver more engaging content with deeper colour and greater luminosity.

HDR Image Analyzer v1.1 improves the user experience with Web UI enhancements that make it easy to remotely configure and control the device from multiple machines, make updates over Ethernet, download logs and screenshots, and interface HDR Image Analyzer from popular applications. It also adds new HDR monitoring, analysis and features designed to help production professionals achieve their artistic vision.

HDR Image Analyzer v1.1 feature highlights include:

  • New Web UI with support for remote updates, log and screenshot transfers
  • Remote desktop support
  • UI enhancement for HDR/PQ display over DisplayPort
  • Automated Color Space switching over SDI for SDR/PQ/HLG
  • Out of Gamut MAX warning: Provides notice if color goes outside of P3d65
  • Frame average Light Level (LL) bar
  • Vectorscope enhancements
  • TC bypass improvements

HDR Image Analyzer is the second technology collaboration between AJA and Colorfront, fusing AJA’s production-proven video I/O with HDR analysis tools from
Colorfront in a compact 1RU chassis. Featuring a comprehensive toolset for monitoring
and analyzing HDR formats, it supports PQ (Perceptual Quantizer) and Hybrid Log
Gamma (HLG) for 4K/UltraHD/2K/HD workflows. HDR Image Analyzer takes in 4K
sources across 4x 3G-SDI inputs and loops the video out over 4x 3G-SDI spigots to
continue the video chain to wherever desired, allowing for analysis at any point required
in the workflow.

Pricing and availability

HDR Image Analyzer v1.1 firmware will be available soon as a free download from AJA’s
support page. HDR Image Analyzer is currently available through AJA’s worldwide
reseller network for $15,995 US MSRP. To order or find more information, visit:

FS-HDR v3.0 firmware

Finally, AJA Video Systems unveiled v3.0 firmware for its FS-HDR real-time HDR/WCG converter and frame synchronizer. The feature-rich update introduces enhanced colouring tools and support for multi-channel Dynamic LUTs, plus several other improvements for broadcast, on-set, post and proAV HDR production.

“We continue to be impressed by the various ways that FS-HDR is being implemented in workflows around the world, and want to expand those possibilities by bringing customers meaningful updates,” shared Nick Rashby, President, AJA Video Systems. “FS-HDR v3.0 is a continuation of our efforts to bring new tools to professionals embracing HDR who may also still have SDR deliverables, and is packed with customer requested features that align with evolving HDR standards and formats.”

A new integrated Colofront Engine™ Film Mode offers a dense and rich grading and look creation toolset with optional ACES colorspace, ASC Color Decision List (CDL) controls and built-in LOOK selection including film emulation looks as well as variable Output Mastering Nit Levels for PQ, HLG Extended, P3 colour space clamp and more. The original Colorfront Engine Transform Mode has also been upgraded with new functionality and renamed Colorfront Engine Live Mode. FS-HDR v3.0 firmware includes other feature enhancements to Live Mode including variable Output Mastering Nit Levels for PQ, HLG Extended, P3 colour space clamp and more, as well as new BBC HLG v1.3 LUTs.

Previously introduced single-channel Dynamic LUTs support 4K resolutions, and v3.0 brings new support for multi-channel HD workflows, with integration support for Pomfort’s LiveGrade Pro and TVLogic’s WonderLookPro for continuous real-time LUT updates as grading is performed in third-party software.

“Extending the integration of LiveGrade Pro and AJA FS-HDR is the result of a great collaboration,” said Patrick Renner, Product Manager, Pomfort. “With the new integration for the FS-HDR multi-channel mode, LiveGrade Pro can now control four independent channels in the device. The combination of FS-HDR and LiveGrade Pro is the ideal solution for customers looking for a compact, rack-mount solution for multi-camera and multi-monitor setups.”

Key FS-HDR v3.0 release highlights include:

  • New Colorfront Engine™ Film Mode
    • Input Dynamic Range and Gamut: Support for a broad range of selections including SDR, PQ, HLG, HLG Extended, Sony Slog3, ARRI Log C, Panasonic VLog, Red Log3G10, Canon Log 2 and Log3 and ACEScct
    • Output Dynamic Range and Gamut: Support for a variety of selections including SDR, PQ, HLG, HLG Extended, Sony Slog3, ARRI Log C and ACEScct
    • Nit Level Control for PQ Output:
      • Variable adjustments from 48-4000 Nits
    • DCI P3 Colorspace Clamp for HDR Output
    • SDR Preview for HDR Output
    • HDR Amount and Ambient Surround Compensation
    • LOOK: Look A Select, Look B Select and A/B Mix
      • Includes 23 different optional Looks including popular film emulation with Bleach, Ektachrome, Kodachrome, ARRI K1S1, FujiXD and more
    • Grading Colorspace Selection:
      • LogC, ACESscct, and SLog3
    • ASC CDL Defined Parameters:
      • Slope, Power, Offset, and Saturation
    • Scene Referred Adjustments:
      • Exposure, Color Temp and Tint
  • Colorfront Engine Live Mode for Transforms with New Additions:
    • Input/Output Dynamic Range:
      • Support for HLG Extended
    • Nit Level Control for PQ Output:
      • Variable adjustments from 48-4000 Nits
    • DCI P3 Colorspace Clamp for HDR Output
  • Updated BBC v1.3 LUTs: This update includes the latest improvements to the BBC’s licensed HLG conversion LUTs
  • Single-channel and Four-channel Dynamic LUT Mode Integrates with:
    • Pomfort LiveGrade Pro
    • TV Logic WonderLookPro


Pricing and availability

FS-HDR v3.0 will be available June as a free download from AJA’s website. FS-HDR is available now for $7995 US MSRP. For more information, visit:

About FS-HDR

FS-HDR is a versatile 1RU, rackmount universal converter/frame synchronizer for real-time HDR transforms as well as 4K/HD up/down/cross conversions. Fusing AJA’s
production-proven FS frame synchronization and conversion technology with video and
color space processing algorithms from the award-winning Colorfront Engine, FS-HDR
matches the real time, low-latency processing and colour fidelity demands that broadcast, OTT, post production and ProAV environments require. FS-HDR offers comprehensive signal conversion, and allows users to also convert a range of camera Log formats to HDR broadcast standards as well as to/from BT.2020/BT.709.

About AJA Video Systems, Inc.

Since 1993, AJA Video has been a leading manufacturer of video interface technologies, converters, digital video recording solutions and professional cameras, bringing highquality, cost-effective products to the professional broadcast, video and post-production markets. AJA products are designed and manufactured at our facilities in Grass Valley, California, and sold through an extensive sales channel of resellers and systems integrators around the world. For further information, please see our website at

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