Cartoni announces winners in 'Win an SDS tripod' competition

Runner-up Keaton Bowlby who wins a Cartoni Monopod

GTC sponsor Cartoni has announced the winners in its 'Win an SDS Tripod' competition, which drew entries from the United States, Europe, Africa, and the Middle East.

“On behalf of everyone at Cartoni, we want to thank everyone for participating,” says Elisabetta Cartoni, President and CEO of Cartoni. “We are thrilled to see the incredible photos and how people are using our gear! With so many great submissions, we decided to expand the awards to the top seven submissions. We are thrilled to see that camera operators all over the world have fallen in love with our patented SDS Tripod technology, which gives them the speed they need to capture incredible shots.”

Designed for camera operators on the go, the SDS Tripod is a set of patented tripod legs that allow camera operators to set up and fold their tripod in an instant. SDS Tripods will be awarded to the first four prize winners, and the runners-up will be awarded a Cartoni Monopod.
A Cartoni Focus 12 SDS Tripod System will be awarded to cinematographer Eduardo Ramirez (California) who has worked on 13 feature films, more than 300 commercials and music videos, and Season One of Narcos (Episodes 4–7).

“Cartoni was my first love. As a second camera assistant, I began working with Cartoni back in 2006, and from the beginning, I discover how solid, effective and efficient a Cartoni system is. The C20/C30 are amazing heads. And now I’ve been using the Maxima, which is an incredible head. Now as DoP and owner of a rental house, my first call was Cartoni heads,” says Ramirez.

A Focus 8 SDS System will be awarded to Kent Anderson (South Florida).

“I typically shoot documentary travel-based content and love being outdoors, capturing landscapes, wildlife and foreign culture. My favorite gear is built tough, works every time, and is versatile. I like hybrid DSLRs that capture both photo and video really well. Recently I’ve enjoyed using the Lumix GH5 and typically have it rigged with a Smallrig cage and SmallHD monitor for video work, but can quickly strip it down for just photo. I’ve had my Cartoni Focus tripod for almost 10 years, and it’s the only piece of gear I still bring on every single shoot,” says Anderson.

An additional Focus 8 SDS System will be awarded to former radio DJ turned corporate filmmaker Frank Lozano (Los Angeles, California).

“I just love what I do. I get to travel and see new places and help people along the way. But most importantly, I like to 'share' those experience with others. I think that’s why I love my cameras so much. When I’m a long way from home, I need to have gear that I can trust. That’s why I love Cartoni tripods. I’ve been using them since 2004 and it’s always been the set-up I prefer. Some of these places, I may never get a chance to come back. That’s why it’s got to be right the first time,” says Lozano.

A set of SDS Tripod legs will be awarded to Dubai-based Focus 18 videographer Issam Saadane (Dubai, UAE).

“During a shoot, one of my colleagues was using a Cartoni Tripod, and I fell in love with the quality and the finish of it. Three days later, I got my first Cartoni tripod. Plus, I love the wide range of rigs from the brand,” says Saadane.

Cartoni Monopods will be awarded to:

  • Keaton Bowlby (California)
  • Bryan Roy (Canada)
  • Mathieu Cowan (Canada).

For more information on the SDS Tripod, join Cartoni at IBC 2019, Booth 12.E30. Register for free by using code 4582.

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