Cirro Lite supplies Luminys LED Lightning Strikes and DLED7 Bi-colour ‘Turbo’ kits

GTC sponsor Cirro Lite has the newest addition to the award-winning line of Light Strikes fixtures, the LED Paparazzi 1500, and also Dedolight DLED7 Bi-colour 'Turbo' kits – all available for rental now.

Luminys LED Paparazzi 1500

The Luminys LED Paparazzi 1500 is the first Lightning Strikes unit to run on standard house power, operating on only 16 amps at 110 VAC or 8 amps at 220 VAC. The LED Paparazzi 1500 uses the standard Light Strikes controller, that has become the industry standard for timing dramatic flash effects.

“Our first ventures into the use of LEDs for lightning effects were all driven by shot-specific demands from cinematographers – needing something small they could hide from the camera, something with less heat that could play closer to the actor, or there is no generator at this location,” said David Pringle, CTO, Luminys. “But, once we saw the light output we could achieve from such a small LED, we knew we had something special.”

The LED Paparazzi 1500 is tuned to match the colour quality and consistency of the traditional Enhanced Spectrum Plasma® Lightning Strikes bulbs, with a 95+ CRI at 5000ºK. The beam angle is 70º and can be narrowed to 53º with the reflector attachment. The small and compact 1500-watt Paparazzi fixture is about the size and weight of two iPhones meaning it can fit on any standard lighting or grip stand or simply in your hand. All LED Paparazzi 1500 units are compatible with DMX.

The Luminys LED Paparazzi 1500 is available immediately from Luminys and a worldwide network of sales and rental distributors. The fixtures are available for hire from GTC sponsor Cirro Lite now.

For more information on the LED Paparazzi 1500, Lightning Strikes, or SoftSun, please visit

Dedolight DLED7 Bi-colour 'Turbo' kits

The DLED7 Bi-colour 4-head kits are colour tuneable from 2700K to 6500K and come complete with four AC controllers plus one extra DC controller and V-Lok battery plate. Lighting stands and gel filter holders are also included in the hard roller kit cases.

Due to its active cooling system, the DLED7 light sources have now nearly doubled in output when compared to the DLED4 (40W) units. Although these light heads provide significantly higher light output, the weight of these light heads is still identical with the original DLED4.

Due to its similar size DLED7 light heads are compatible with all the same imaging attachments as DLED4 and classic DLH4 which makes them extremely versatile. These compact and powerful lighting systems with remarkable focusing capabilities have already become one of the most sought-after tools on professional film sets.

Dedolight DLED7-BI ‘Turbo’ rental kits are available immediately from Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd. For more information on the DLED7, see:


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