Camera Corps introduce new Qx robotic camera

From reality series to entertainment shows and international sporting events, GTC sponsor Camera Corps’ broadcast technology captures all those exciting television moments loved by audiences. Just launched is its Qx Robotic Camera which should ensure this tradition continues.

From Revolution to Evolution   

Qx is the latest launch from Camera Corps – an incredibly powerful miniature robotic system. Building on the success of the Q-Ball, Qx takes the functionality to a new level. Key features are full HD output, high-speed processing and precision 360° movement plus:

  • 18x optical zoom lens
  • IP controllable
  • Advanced low light and IR capability
  • Smooth 360° continuous panning

The cost is £8,995 ex VAT.

Introducing the Qx Wide Angle Adaptor

The new Qx Wide Angle Adaptor increases horizontal field of view from 58.6° to 78°.


System accessories

Qx Fibre Interface Box




Qx Peli Case




PTZF Panel

RCP Panel

For more information,
please contact Camera Corps:
+44 (0)1932 336052



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