Kino Flo debuts 360º colour on LEDs

Kino Flo Lighting Systems (supplied in the UK by GTC sponsors Cirro Lite) unveiled its new color swatch offerings for Select and Diva-Lite LEDs. Now a new firmware upgrade adds a vast palette of colors to the LED line of portable soft lights. Kino LED lightweight location systems can reproduce a rich menu of professional cine gel colors; blend with warm white fluorescents; mix to sodium vapor; and balance to any lighting or camera color sensitivity profile.

The new firmware upgrade enables users to dial in nearly any color, from deeply saturated violet blue, to a visual effects 560nm supergreen, and upward into the warmer climes of light straw, flame and salmon red... with all hue, angle and saturation values of the color wheel in between.

Using the green/magenta settings, Kino LEDs can color balance to any professional or practical light source on the set. Cinematographers are able to map the lights onto the spectral sensitivity curves of all makes and models of digital cameras and save the profiles as presets.

Two display modes                                

The new Color Mode piles on creative value to Kino Flo's award-winning True Match® white light, lauded for its >97 color rendering and large, soft spread. In the White Light Mode (default mode) the mired shift is 2700K to 6500K; the new Color Mode includes the seemingly endless color choices, as well as an expanded Kelvin range from 2500K to 9900K.

Combined with an advanced Smoothing feature and selectable dimming curves, board operators can rely on stable, flicker-free control from high light output, to the lowest light levels. Simply turn off the Smoothing feature to achieve lighting special effects such as a dancing candle flame or the pulsing light of a television screen.

Cutting loose

Kino Flo has partnered with LumenRadio® Wireless DMX for the most stable, reliable wireless control systems in the industry. Full control via on-board manual or DMX cable inputs are still available on every fixture as well. In the DC Mode, the portable Selects and Diva-Lite LED's operate completely free from an AC power cable.

In Rio de Janeiro, the wireless Select LEDs became the go-to interview light source during the XXXI Olympics. Scores of portable Select 30 systems dominated the television sports news set lighting, on location and in the studio. Making movie magic as glamour lights and stage area lighting, the wireless Select LEDs are also continuing Kino Flo's 30-year production soft lighting legacy, from  Hollywood to Beijing, from Toronto to London, Dubai, Sydney and beyond.

Select and Diva-Lite LED features

♦  Full white soft light + full gama selection

♦  Variable Green/Magenta to match lighting & camera profiles

♦  Wireless DMX, and standard DMX operation

♦  Four models: Select 30, Select 20, Diva-Lite 30, Diva-Lite 20

♦  Complete with built-in LumenRadio® wireless receivers, 100-0% dimming, soft white diffusion panel, focusing louver, barn doors, 360 degree center mounting.

♦  Lightweight fixture designs with passive cooling (no fans)

♦  Born in Hollywood

For more information contact:
David Morphy, Cirro Lite (Europe), +44 208 955 6700

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