Matthews' new 40"x40" floppies add portability

GTC sponsor Matthews Studio Equipment has introduced a full 40”x40” line of Flags and Floppies. Offering the multitude of benefits for which Matthews is known, this practical size answers the need for gear that’s portable enough to travel in a hatchback car like a Prius and compact enough to work in nooks and crannies of a tight location like a bathroom corner. When it comes to cargo, the 40”x40” dimension easily fits standard shipping limits.

As Matthews’ resident Grip Martin Torner explains:

“With the popularity of our 40x40 Flag, we've added more flavors to this wonderfully dynamic dimension, including Full Silk, Floppy and the new Matthbounce Floppy. Like the 48x48, the 40x40 is still a good size flag when it comes to usability, but less bulky.”

Available individually, the line consists of:

  • 40” x40” Flags, top or bottom hinge Floppies (expand to 40”x80”)
  • top hinge Matthbounce Floppy (black back, inside reflective white),
  • Artificial Silk
  • 40”x40” Flag Bag.

For those who prefer a kit, the 40”x40” Kit includes:

  • 1 x Flag/Cutter
  • 1 x Top Hinge Floppy,
  • 1 x Artificial Silk
  • Zippered Flag Bag.

Like the larger versions, the new frames are built with the same rugged 3/8” stainless steel tubing that’s securely welded for long life. The Flags, Floppies and Silks are meticulously sewn in Matthew’s Southern California headquarters.

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