Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) to show latest camera products at BVE 2017

GTC sponsor Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) will be exhibiting its latest tripods, fluid heads and pedestals, including the new arrowX series of fluid heads, Combo Live Pedestal Series and Cineline 2090 System, at BVE 2017 (Stand J25).

"BVE allows Miller to showcase its latest products to the London market, one of the great broadcast hubs in the world," says Mike Lippmann, European  Manager, Miller Fluid Heads (Europe) Ltd. "We are sure that the new technologies we put on display, such as the arrowX Series revolutionary CB PLUS™ counterbalance system, will provide conference-goers with the 'right  feel' that is associated with all of our products. CB PLUS is perfect for all those in attendance at BVE, whether they are involved with ENG, EFP, studio, field OB, or any other field where frequent and fast rerigging is required."


The  arrowX series, including the arrowX3, arrowX5 and arrowX7, is Miller's most recent line of fluid heads and a continuation of its extremely popular Arrow series. CB PLUS is built into each one, allowing users to experience this new and unique sequential counterbalance design, which takes traditional counterbalancing a step forward, resulting in repeatable, accurate and rapid setup. CB PLUS features eight  large counterbalance steps, enabling the user to get to their needed position quickly and efficiently. The CB PLUS switch adds a half step for counterbalance refinement for quick adjustments on the fly.

In addition to CB PLUS, the arrowX series delivers several additional features, such as the ability to remove the clamp stud to easily mount the head on flat base surfaces such as sliders. Where extra rigidity is required, a Mitchel Base adaptor can be fitted. All arrowX models come with 120mm sliding plate travel to help quickly rebalance changing camera payloads. Precision ball bearing supported pan–tilt movements help deliver silky smooth starts and soft stop fluid actions. Precise floating pan–tilt calliper locks ensure bounce free on–off locking. The arrowX 3 is designed for lighter cameras used in ENG, documentaries and EFP applications, and boasts a payload range of 1–19kg  (2.2 –41.8lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and  5+0  pan-and-tilt drag  positions. The arrowX  5 is ideal for larger ENG and EFP applications,  including documentaries, drama and television commercials, and has a wide payload range from  2–21kg (4.4–46.2lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and 7+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions. The arrowX 7 is best suited for heavier rigs, including in-studio and OB applications, and has a payload range from 6–25kg (13.2–55.1lbs), 16 positions of counterbalance and 7+0 pan-and-tilt drag positions.

Combo Live pedestal

The new Combo Live Pedestal Series was built for live studio applications and offers users a sturdy design for maximum stability. With a carry handle for the column and dolly, this compact and portable pedestal range offers an easy setup with column tension control and a safety lock. An air adjustable column system allows for quick payload  balancing. The Combo Live Pedestal series features precise-smooth low noise in the shot column with a 450mm (17.7in) stroke, an independent dolly wheel axle
Miller Camera Support Equipment 30 Hotham Parade Artarmon NSW  2064 Australia T: +61 2 9439 6377 F: +61 2 9438 2819 E: brake  system, multiple wheel positions for linear or radius dolly tracking, 125mm dual ball bearing wheels for quick swivel-turn action and a central hub locking column with adjustable spider arm supports. The series was built with a steering wheel diameter of 294mm (11.6in) and 400mm (15.7in), a dolly  tracking  width of  964mm  (38in),  sturdy  adjustable  cable  guards  and  a  portable  hand  pump  with pressure  gauge. The  pedestals are  available  as  a  system  as  it  can  be  paired  with  several  of  Miller͛s popular fluid heads.

Cineline 2090 system

The Cineline 2090 System is a complete tripod system that includes a new HD Mitchell  Base 1-Stage Allow Tripod and HD Allow Ground Spreader to complement the robust Cineline 70 fluid head. The Cineline 70 fluid head features drag control with ultra-soft starts and smooth stops, 7+0 selectable fluid pan–tilt drag positions and eight selectable  counterbalance positions that can handle payloads of 4.5–3.7kg (9.9–82.5lbs) plus 150mm sliding camera plate.

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