Mo-Sys reveals new solutions for LED virtual production

Mo-Sys reveals new solutions for LED virtual production

GTC sponsor Mo-Sys Engineering has revealed a new solution for LED virtual production with a high frame rate (HFR) StarTracker camera tracking system and NearTime® workflow extended to LED volumes.

NearTime solves one of the key challenges of LED ICVFX shoots, which is balancing Unreal image quality whilst maintaining real-time frame rates. When using with an LED ‘green frustrum’, the same Unreal scene can be automatically re-rendered with higher quality or resolution, and this version can replace the original background Unreal scene.

Mo-Sys CEO Michael Geissler says:

We patented NearTime almost 8 years ago knowing that real-time graphics quality versus playback frame rate was always going to be an issue with ICVFX shoots. At that time we were focusing on green/blue screen use, but today LED volumes have exactly the same challenge.

Mo-Sys has also announced a special StarTracker for LED that provides camera and lens tracking up to 240fps for slo-mo shots. During the slo-mo shot review, the re-rendered Unreal background and the talent foreground are recombined, delivering a significantly higher quality composited shot.

The HFR StarTracker for LED has been designed in anticipation of future GPU processing improvements enabling higher frame rate Unreal scene playback. In conjunction with Mo-Sys’ VP Pro XR content server, the HFR StarTracker’s programmable phase shift feature can utilise Brompton Technology’s Frame Remapping or Megapixel VR’s GhostFrame capability for simultaneous multi-camera shoots in an LED volume.

NearTime for LED will be available in Q4 to Mo-Sys customers with VP Pro and VP Pro XR. The HFR StarTracker for LED will be available in early 2022.

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