MTF Services announce agreement with Italian cine brand: LockCircle

Adding to the growing number of carefully selected, high-quality brands that can now be sourced from MTF Broadcast Services, the company is extremely proud to announce that they have a brand-new exclusive UK agreement with the premium Italian manufacturer, LockCircle.

Well-known for design and manufacturing excellence, the team at LockCircle has been producing exceptional, high-end production grade, filmmaking camera accessories and lenses, since forming in 2011 through the Italian distribution company, Brain Emo.

LockCircle products have become synonymous with quality and reliability within filmmaking circles, using aircraft grade anodised aluminium in all their bodies, and with all screws, levers and support bars produced in titanium; it’s easy to see how the product range is second to none.

All LockCircle products are manufactured entirely in Italy with third-party suppliers from Switzerland, Germany, Japan and the UK, and are all designed by filmmakers and cinematographers for filmmakers and cinematographers.

The new agreement between LockCircle and MTF is a natural fit, with both companies manufacturing and serving a discerning and knowledgeable customer base who know and seek quality products to assist them in making the greatest productions possible.

Mike Tapa, Managing Director at MTF Broadcast Services, said: "We're extremely happy to be working with LockCircle and proud to offer their entire range through our distribution network. LockCircle is a company with a very similar philosophy to us here at MTF; they believe in producing the very best products and accessories they possibly can for the sector that they serve. A passion that resonates within the walls of MTF, also."

Mike continued: "I believe that LockCircle is producing some of the best products in the market, right now. Their solutions for M43 cameras such as the Lumix GH5 and the Sony A7 range are second to none, and we are so pleased to add them to our roster of brands for supply in the UK."

Dante Cecchin, Sales Manager at LockCircle, said: "MTF is a natural choice for us to work with in the UK market. LockCircle’s original designs allow filmmakers to focus on their creative cinematic production, and in the same vein as MTF's own products, our design follows function with a focus on manufacturing quality equipment, built with a 'before globalization' mentality, as our customers looking for real quality. Testament to this quality is the fact that our products come with an unparalleled lifetime warranty and globally renowned customer service."

Call the MTF Services team at any time on +44 (0) 20 8881 7850

MTF Services, Kingfisher House, Trinity Park, Trinity Way, London, E4 8TD

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