New Cartoni products launched at NAB

GTC sponsor Cartoni announced several new products at NAB 2019

New Sports 200 heavy-duty tripod legs

The new Sports 200 is a revolutionary set of tripod legs, designed specifically to meet the rigorous demands of sports and outside broadcast (OB) production. It continues Cartoni’s legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions for content creators. 
“It features an extremely innovative aluminum profile and angular structure, which gives camera operators a sturdiness you simply cannot get from standard tripod tubes. The rigidity allows camera operators to be extremely precise in their movements – from whip pans to tracking players or objects,” explains Elisabetta Cartoni, President and CEO of Cartoni.  
The new Sports 200 is built with duralumin as used in the aircraft industry and offers outstanding torsional rigidity with camera packages, up to 200kg (441lbs), in all possible large camera/lens configuration.  Its innovative profile is angled and shaped to ensure maximum strength while weighing only 10.5 kg (23lbs). Designed to withstand even the harshest weather conditions, the Sports 200 can endure severe weather conditions, rain, dust, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
Built with the camera operator in mind, the Sports 200 features a center brace and a telescopic mid-level spreader that is equipped with a truss structure that ensures stability in any environment.

Set up is fast and comfortable. Each leg features positive rotary locking knobs and safety pins while the bubble level is located on the side of the platform for easy use. The Sports 200 also features both a spiked foot for soft terrains and a pivoting rubber pad for flat surfaces. Simply twist the rubber pad to reveal the spiked foot.

The Sports 200 accepts classic Mitchell flat base heads and the four standard bolts. It is seamlessly compatible with all competitor heads, as well as the Cartoni HD Dolly and HD floor spreader.

The new Sports 200 comes with a best-in-class five-year warranty but thanks to Italian engineering, you might never need it!

The new Steering P70 Pedestal

With remarkably smooth performance and the ability to handle camera packages up to 75kg (165lb), the new Steering P70 Pedestal is the most competitively priced crabbing pedestal in its class, offering the highest up-to-date technology for the money. It continues Cartoni’s legacy of delivering cutting-edge solutions for content creators.

Like all Cartoni pedestals, the new Steering P70 Pedestal comes with a best-in-class five-year warranty but thanks to Italian engineering, you might never need it! 

Master 2S head

The new MASTER 25 presented in its classy Black & Gold design, as a tribute to the famed CARTONI fluid heads of yesteryear, is a robust, yet lightweight fluid head. Designed to support the latest cameras, complete with long lens, viewfinders, prompters and pan bar controls for new studio production as well as OB/ENG/EFP applications, with a payload capacity of up to 30kg (66lbs). The Master 25 is also available with grey anodized aluminum.

  • The lightweight 5kg (11lbs) Master 25 features a tilt range of +/-90° and easy-to-use rings which allow the camera operator or grip to preselect the continuously adjustable fluid drag and counterbalance on a numerical scale from 0 to 10.
  • Both the pan and tilt brake levers are easy to reach, and the head features a convenient horizontal lock for setup.
  • With a 150mm bowl, it offers a wide and stable base on tripods or hi-hats. The Head base includes 4 bolt threads for direct interface to most of the Pedestals.

Additionally, the camera platform is equipped with a sliding camera plate, compatible with competitor gear as the Vinten Vision 250, with standard 11cm plate or 22cm extra-long plate for balancing off-set Camera configurations.

The Master 25 is the ultimate premium do-it-all competitively priced head, with a combination of perfect balance and a super-smooth, continuously variable patented fluid drag on pan and tilt modes, perfectly suited for the camera operators needs.

It comes with a single telescopic pan bar, while the second is optional.

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