New P+S Technik products at NAB 2018

GTC sponsor P+S Technik recently presented some of their new products at NAB 2018. 

Solutions for anamorphic images

Evolution 2X 135mm lens

Since September 2017 P+S Technik have been shipping the Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses to customers. More than 100 lenses of focal lengths 40mm, 50mm, 75mm and 100mm have already been delivered.

The great success of the Evolution 2X lenses, similar in appearance to the original KOWA Anamorphics, encouraged the company to stick with the same design for its 135mm lens and as a result the first Evolution 2X 135mm lenses were on display at NAB 2018.
Rehousing for KOWA anamorphics
Hollywood approved, professional lens rehousing, including new internal mechanics for vintage Kowa anamorphic glass, are now available.

CS 1.5x anamorphics

This series of anamorphic lenses designed for cameras with 16:9 format or larger sensors, including zoom and prime lenses, were on display at NAB 2018.

Anamorphic rear elements for zoom lenses

The StarKish Anamorphic rear element was also shown at NAB 2018. Vintage anamorphic rear elements are available upon request.

Solutions for larger formats

Macro lens rehousing

Rehousing for the Leica Elmarit-R Macro 100mm lens are available from P+S Technik and were on its stand at the show.

Rehousing for Canon K35, FD and Leica R

This latest service in P+S Technik’s range of lens rehousings offers a new, durable housing and improved mechanics.

The following are also now available for larger formats:

  • StarKish Xpander lens – use to enlarge the image circle of your zoom lenses
  • StarKish Ultimate Director's Finder 
  • IMS mounts and adapters, e.g.  for ARRI LPL or Red Monstro
  • Mount conversion for Canon CN-E lenses to interchangeable mounts 

See more about the full range of P+S Technik products and services:


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