New products from P+S Technik at IBC 2018

Firstlight Evolution 2X 32mm

P+S Technik are proud to present the first beautiful images of the wide angle Evolution 2X 32mm:

Evolution 2X anamorphic lenses (six pack)

The most compact anamorphic cine lenses. The Evolution 2X lenses match the vintage Kowa Anamorphics and can be mixed and matched easily.

Firstlight Evolution 2X 135mm

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TECHNOVISION Classic 70–200mm 1.5X anamorphic Full Frame Zoom

This is the second anamorphic zoom lens in the TECHNOVISION Classic 1.5X anamorphic Full Frame lens series.

TECHNOVISION Classic 100mm

1.5X Full Frame Anamorphic
See these Full Frame anamorphic primes on the P+S Technik  booth at IBC: 12.B12

TECHNOVISION Classic lenses on ARRI Alexa LF camera

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Anamorphic lens booklet

Visit the P+S Technik booth 12.B12 to get a copy of the new Anamorphic lens booklet.

More solutions for large format sensors

  • Leica R lens rehousing now available for further focal lengths: Macro 60 and 100mm, 180mm T2, Summicron-R 35mm, 50mm and 90mm
  • Canon K35 and FD lens rehousing
  • PL mount conversion for Full Frame Canon CN-E
  • IMS mount conversion for Zeiss Compact Primes Series 1
  • LensChecker mobile lens test projector
  • Kish Ultimate Director’s Finder 6K IMS version
  • Optica Magnus Xpander lenses

Even more solutions for exceptional images

  • Lens rehousing for vintage lenses
  • Lens service and restoration for vintage lenses
  • Skater Scope compact snorkel lens system
  • Skater Mini camera dolly
  • IMS mounts and adapters

Rehousing for vintage lenses

P+S Technik offer professional rehousing for Cooke Panchro, Schneider, Kinoptik, Meyer Görlitz and many more.

Vintage and used lens sales

They also resell selected vintage and used modern lenses. Contact them for current offers or visit    

Tools and spare parts

P+S Technik offer spare glass for vintage lenses, mechanical spare parts as well as selected lens service tools. Talk to them for more details.  

Lens service and service training

  • Next to lens repair and premium service, P+S Technik offer a wide range of glass restoration, such as polishing and recoating.
  • Meet the on their booth to discuss your needs.

See P+S Technik on their booth 12.B12

Other upcoming events:

  • Cinec 2018: 22–24 September, Munich
  • Satis 2018: 6–7 November, Paris

Coming Up

Invitation to meet the ALEXA Mini LF at ARRI

Invitation to meet the ALEXA Mini LF at ARRI
24 Apr 19 @ ARRI, 2 Highbridge, Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1LX

Invitation to meet the ALEXA Mini LF at CVP

Invitation to meet the ALEXA Mini LF at CVP
25 Apr 19 @ CVP, ARRI Creative Space, 81 Charlotte Street, London W1T 4PP

ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge

ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge
26–28/04/2019 @ ARRI, Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1LX

The Media Production Show

The Media Production Show
13–14/06/2019 @ West Halls, Olympia, London W14 8UX

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