New third-party products to support FUJIFILM MK lenses

With the growing popularity of its recently introduced FUJINON MK Series, GTC sponsor FUJIFILM is delighted that camera and lens support providers now offer a range of solutions to benefit MK lens owners and broaden their compatibility with additional camera mounts. Among those with new support gear for the FUJINON MK series are lens control, accessory manufacturers and service providers including Heden, Chrosziel, Duclos Lenses, MTF, Bright Tangerine and Zacuto.

With the first in the series introduced last February, MK lenses are currently designed for E-mount cameras with the Super 35mm/APS-C sensor and boast advanced optical performance, ultra-compact and lightweight design. With a combined focal length range of 18–135mm in the Super 35mm format, the first two MK lenses (the MK18–55mm and 50–135mm) cover the most frequently used range utilized by emerging cinematographers. The series offers fast lenses with T2.9 speed across the entire zoom range, enabling a shallow depth-of-field.

"When such well regarded companies in the production community start to create a variety of after-market accessories, that’s a clear sign of a popular product,” said Tom Fletcher, Director of Sales, FUJIFILM Optical Devices Division. “It’s exciting to see how quickly these companies responded and are creating gear that addresses their customers’ immediate needs. Overall, we’re thrilled with the reception from shooters and camera support firms".

Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo

The Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo (see main image) offers lens control for the Sony FS5 and FS7 camera via the cameras’ Smart Grip. The controller provides motorized control over the zoom and allows the user to operate it via the native zoom rocker on the Smart Grip. The Heden FUJINON MK Zoom Servo Kit consists of a motor bracket, the small 3 ½ ounce motor itself and the motor drive unit which can be expanded to add a second wireless channel for iris or focus control.​

Chrosziel CDM-MK-Z Zoom Motor

Differing from the Heden version, all components are included within one piece of housing on Chrosziel’s CDM-MK-Z Zoom Motor, and the servo is controlled via the Sony Smart Grip. There is no need for additional accessories. Mounted to the lens, two captive screws keep the servo unit permanently fixed. Camera control signals are forwarded and immediately looped through to the camera.

Duclos' Sony FZ Mount Kit 

The Sony FZ Mount Kit from Duclos Lenses enables easy swapping of an MK lens between the Sony E mount and new FZ mount. Integrated, adjustable back focus assures accurate tuning in the field.

Duclos' FUJINON MK Zoom Duo Carry-On Case

Duclos also introduced the FUJINON MK Zoom Solo Carry-On Case and FUJINON MK Zoom Duo Carry-On Case. With their snug dimensions, these flight cases are ideal for transporting one or two lightweight MK zoom lenses – 18-55mm and/or 50-135mm, hoods, and support accessories. Exterior dimensions are: 21.70" x 14.10" x 8.90" (55.1 x 35.8 x 22.6 cm). The cases are carry-on approved.​

Zacuto Scissor Lens Support for MK lenses

Zacuto has designed retractable Scissor lens support for the MK 18–55mm and the 50–135mm T2.9. The new support attaches to the bottom of the lens and features two foldable “legs” resembling a scissor pattern, which clamp on to 15mm extension rods. The lens support folds against the lens for easy storage. With the new Z Motor from Zacuto, an MK lens can be turned into a servo zoom. The Z-Motor and motor cable are added on to the control grip. Complete iris control is obtained through the camera control cable when using EF lenses or adding a second Z-Motor for cinema lenses.​

MTF Mount Adaptors for MK lenses

Micro 4/3 and FZ mount adaptors from MTF Specialist Broadcast Services convert MK Series lenses to any Micro 4/3 and FZ mount camera. Fitting of the new mount options for the Fujinon MK lenses is being offered as a service from MTF. MTF is available through ZGC in the North America.​

Bright Tangerine Misfit Atom Mattebox fits on MK Series lenses via a special 114mm clamp-on ring and now includes a lightweight, retractable and removable carbon fibre flag for better light control.

FUJINON MK lenses are purpose-built for the operator. Only one matte box and one filter size are needed between the lenses. Time-saving features include a macro function that allows for a broader range of close-up shooting, and gears for the three rings are positioned in the exact same place, which eliminates the need to re-position accessories when switching lenses. The MK18–55mm is currently available for $3,799, and the FUJINON MK50–135mm T2.9 is available for $3,999.

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