Rosco: Two new accessories for DMG DASH

Rosco, two new accessories

GTC sponsor Rosco release two new accessories for the DMG DASH™, Barn Doors accessory and the SNAPBAG by DoPchoice.

Barn Doors Accessory

Four-leaf barn doors that quickly attach to the front of a single DMG DASH via magnets to shape and direct the fixture’s light output. The barn doors accessory also features elastic straps for additional security.


A softbox, designed by DoPchoice, for the DMG DASH Quad Kit easily mounts onto the lights when linked in the quad configuration using elastic straps. The SNAPBAG is manufactured using a neutral, black fabric with a reflective interior and a MAGIC CLOTH® diffuser panel.

Firmware update provides new features for DMG DASH™ CRMX Fixtures! 

Rosco Firmware Update

Firmware 1.0.12 is now available for DMG DASH with CRMX fixtures. 

  • New DMX Smoothing mode to easily emulate the fade time of an incandescent lamp, the flash of a lightning bolt - or anything in between.
  • Improved DMX Full 8b and 16b profiles.
  • Individual RGBWAL channels can now be controlled by the master intensity.
  • New Exponential dimming curve provides more precision at lower intensities for better control in low-light environments.

How To Update The Firmware Of A DMG DASH: 

  1. Make sure the myMIX® App is up-to-date on your mobile device.
  2. Connect 1-4 DASH fixtures to the app.
  3. A prompt will appear on the app requesting to update the firmware of the fixture(s). 
  4. The firmware update will take approximately 30 minutes.


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