The GTC welcomes Photon Beard as sponsors

The GTC is delighted to announce that Photon Beard, manufacturer of lighting for image capture, has recently joined our list of sponsor companies.

Photon Beard MD Peter Daffarn writes: "Photon Beard products are individually hand-built to the highest standards in our factory just north of London, UK and we are proud of our reputation for excellence.

We have been manufacturing in the UK since 1882, making us the oldest entertainment lighting company in the world. Having been around for 130+ years, our list of credits is extensive but in recent years, you will find our products in use around the world in TV studios of all sizes and for major motion picture productions.

While our past is important to us, it is our present and future that are key. We have a host of new products just launched and more in development. Industry favourites, Redheads and Blondes, have been given a 21st century makeover and our LED Redhead, the PB80, recently won Videomaker Lighting Product of the Year for 2015, while our HMI Platinum Blonde offers a low-cost, lightweight, powerful solution. 

New for 2016 are our remote phosphor LED soft lights for use in the studio. If you are already comfortable with fluorescents but need an LED solution, the Highlight LED range is exactly what you need. These work just like a fluorescent soft light but with LED as the light source.

We haven’t given up on legacy products though and, whatever your desired light source, we have at one time or another made a product using all types of source. So, if you want tungsten, fluorescent, LED or HMI, we are here to provide you with excellent service to meet your needs."

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