The little light with a big punch scores 3 awards!

BB&S Lighting wins awards at NAB Show 2022

The NAB Show was good for Toby Sali of GTC Sponsor, BB&S Lighting. The Compact Fresnel light took home awards from TVB Europe, TV Tech & the coveted NAB Product of the Year 2022 trophy.

Compact Fresnel Light (CFL)

A new type of LED for studio, stage & architectural lighting. With a 5.5” foot print, bicolour or single colour powerhouses draw just 40W yet produce up to 3900-lumen output at 97 CRI. 

CFL outputs a hard-shadow rendering beam that fades from 100% at center to 50% at the edges—good for mixing and overlapping with other lights while eliminating blinding glare. 

  • Integrated Zoom 12-52 Degrees
  • Single Color 5600°K or 3200°K
  • Bi-Color: 2700°- 6000°K 
  • Small & Cost-effective 
  • Completely Silent 
  • Designed and Made in Denmark


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