TLS: Rehousing Lomo Anamorphic round front lenses


GTC sponsor TLS (True Lens Services) is now rehousing Lomo Anamorphic round front lenses.

With the new housing you can expect improved lens mechanics whilst retaining original optical characteristics.

The full TLS set currently includes:

  • 35mm T2.5
  • 50mm T2.5
  • 75mm T2.5
  • 100mm T3.2
  • 150mm T4.5 (to follow)

The 50–150mm lenses come as standard with a front diameter of 143mm, incorporating an internal focus set up to allow matte box and accessory fitment. These lenses retain a modular design, providing focal lengths of 0.8 mod gears to the focus and aperture ring. Each is equidistant from the PL mount flange to aid switching on set. The lenses benefit from the TLS cam form focus mechanism eliminating image shift and backlash (lost motion) in the focus movement.

The 35mm lens is slightly different from the other four lenses. This has a minimum object distance (MOD) is 2’10” and the front diameter is 190mm.

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