Unlock new MIX features with the 2.0 update



MIX 2.0 upgrades include:

  • 50 new True Rosco Colors in Gel Mode
  • New XY Mode that includes CIE 1931, REC 709 and REC 2020 colour spaces
  • Brighter colours – output in Color Mode has doubled for many of the saturated colours
  • Improved low-level dimming
  • CCT base in Color Mode now includes full colour temperature range of MIX (1700k to 10000k)
  • Better wireless connection via CRMX and Bluetooth
  • Improved DMX profiles
  • Create fixture groups in myMIX

IMPORTANT: It is necessary to upgrade the firmware of your existing MIX fixtures, and also update your myMIX app to avoid compatibility issues

Visit the DMG Lumière website for instructions on how to upgrade to MIX 2.0 today.

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