Leading UK rental house Version 2 acquires Litepanels Gemini lights

GTC sponsor Litepanels, a pioneer in LED lighting for the film, photographic and broadcast industries, has announced that Version 2, a UK-based broadcast equipment rental house, has added a significant number of Litepanels Gemini soft panel lights to its inventory. Through this major purchase, Version 2 has adopted Gemini as its multifunction lighting solution for both studio and on-location projects. 

“Having been in the TV lighting industry for many years, I’m quick to identify workhorses,” said Nick Edwards, Managing Director, Version 2. “We did a thorough assessment of the market for LED soft lights and conducted numerous lighting trials, but only Gemini met all our requirements for a versatile multi application fixture with full colour mixing. Gemini is an important addition to our inventory, and we strongly believe it will become the LED soft light of choice for the UK broadcast and events industry.”

Launched at IBC2017, Gemini raises the bar for professional lighting by delivering a wide, soft and flicker-free light source in a highly portable, 2x1 form factor. Gemini’s flexible and precise colour adjustment removes the need for colour correction by offering full-spectrum white light that is ideal for lighting talent and rendering exceptional colour.

At Version 2, the new Gemini lights will serve as alternatives for traditional 'space lights' for top-lighting of large areas and will provide colour-adjustable cyclorama (CYC) lighting in light entertainment studios. While the Gemini units will be used predominately as 2900k or 5600k soft lights, the LED panels’ unlimited colour adjustment opens up possibilities for their use in audience lighting and set-washing.

“With studio time at a premium for light entertainment scheduling, production budgets are always under scrutiny, and less and less time is available for rigging and programming. That makes the Gemini even more valuable for our clients since its light weight makes it fast and easy for the crew to deploy,” Edwards added. “And once deployed, the Gemini’s versatility gives Lighting Directors a greater creative pallet for enhancing their designs. With its variety of lighting modes, Gemini minimises, or removes altogether, the need to switch gels or rig multiple lamps to create different lighting effects.

“In addition to the Geminis, we also stock Litepanels’ Astra 1x1 bi-color panels, which have rapidly become the go-to lights for ENG work and small studios and a solid favourite of Gaffers, Lighting Directors and Cinematographers. Litepanels is an extremely popular brand within the UK, and we know we can always count on outstanding support from the Litepanels team - particularly as Litepanels is part of the Vitec Group.”

“As a rising star in the UK’s rental marketplace, Version 2 is on track to become one of the most trusted independent providers of specialist equipment rental and support,” said Andrew Woodfin, EMEA Sales Development Manager, Litepanels. “Version 2 will be successful not only because of the pedigree of Nick Edwards, with his outstanding reputation as a lighting professional, but also because they’re starting out with the latest technologies rather than being tied down with outmoded, legacy equipment. This outstanding Gemini purchase is a great example of Version 2’s forward thinking and its commitment to offering customers the absolute state of the art in LED lighting.”  

More information can be found at Litepanels.com.

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