Vinten products on display at the 2018 NAB Show

At the 2018 NAB Show, GTC sponsor Vinten will showcase its complete family of broadcast camera support systems. With more than a century of design expertise, Vinten's award-winning camera solutions are trusted around the globe for infinite balance control and best-in-class motion quality. Vinten's intuitive manual and robotic solutions are supported by precision engineering and ergonomic design, allowing camera operators to focus on what they do best: creating engaging, cutting-edge imagery.

New Vinten Ceiling Track System

Making its NAB debut will be Vinten's all-new Ceiling Track System powered by Tecnopoint. Ideal for creative productions in which floor space is at a premium, the solution is fully integrated with the Vinten control system so that it can work alongside Vinten's renowned pedestals, heads and elevation units to create a flexible, powerful combination for modern broadcasts.
Also integrated into the Vinten Control System, the Vantage compact robotic head represents an ideal flashcam solution for larger studios with the HD-VRC software.
For smaller studios and users such as theaters and houses of worship, Vinten has developed the µVRC [micro VRC]. This cost-effective, modular version of the control software allows smaller budgets to leverage the award-winning Vantage compact robotic head with a wide variety of cameras and lenses for unmatched flexibility in content creation and broadcast-quality movement and control.

New Vinten External Lens Drive 

Vinten will also unveil an External Lens Drive for its Vantage compact robotic head. With this new solution, users will be able to upgrade their manual lenses with full servo control when used in conjunction with the Vantage pan/tilt head. The external lens drive can motorise 1–3 axis of the lens and provide encoded data suitable for use in virtual reality sets, adding powerful functionality to this compact and affordable solution.  
Ginny Grove, Product Marketing Manager at Vinten says,
"At this year's NAB Show, we're looking forward to showing Vinten's expanding robotic camera support solutions alongside our renowned manual supports, known around the world for their best-in-class quality and control. Our line-up of proven products is trusted by customers in every environment, from studio to stadium to house of worship, to make their jobs easier and provide the smooth, effortless control they need to create cutting-edge content."
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