Vitec Group acquires Quasar Science

The Vitec Group plc has announced the acquisition of Quasar Science, a leading LED lighting technology provider. Quasar Science is an innovator in linear and tubular LED lighting solutions for cinematic applications. The business will become part of the Group’s Production Solutions Division alongside GTC sponsor Litepanels the award-winning supplier of LED lighting panels for television lighting and cinematography acquired by the Group in 2008.

“This acquisition is in line with Vitec’s strategy to drive growth by increasing our addressable markets and expanding our higher technology capabilities,” said Vitec Group CEO, Stephen Bird. “Having the well-respected Quasar team within our portfolio, with their flair for new product development, on-set experience and industry networks, will enhance our position as a leading player in the growing LED lighting for broadcast and cine market.”

Quasar Science products are used in professional large-scale film and TV production as well as small-scale new media markets. Popular with professional cinematographers, videographers and photographers, the brand has grown rapidly due to affordability, superior quality and design as well as renowned customer support.

“Quasar Science products are highly complementary to our Litepanels brand,” said Nicola Dal Toso, Chief Executive, Vitec Production Solutions. “There are growth opportunities to sell Quasar Science products through our global sales and distribution network, and to utilise their expertise and network to grow our Litepanels business in the cine market. Quasar Science will also benefit from Vitec’s marketing, manufacturing and supply chain capabilities.”

Established in 2012 by four partners with extensive experience as studio lighting technicians, Quasar Science is based in Los Angeles, California, where the majority of its 18 employees are based. Co-founders Steven Strong, Evans Brown, Jay Yowler and Ray Gonzales will remain with the company and continue to lead the team post-acquisition.

“As working professionals in cinematography, our intimate knowledge of filmmaking and content creation has enabled us to build Quasar Science into one of the industry’s most innovative brands,” said Quasar Science CEO Steve Strong. “We've developed a unique range of versatile lighting solutions that are not only popular with lighting professionals, but with artists of all kinds.” He added: “Joining the Vitec Group, with its renowned expertise in products for imaging and global markets, will elevate Quasar Science to a higher level of performance and introduce our technology to a wider audience.”

This acquisition is part of Vitec’s commitment to advancing LED lighting technology for broadcast, to bring lighting solutions to the market faster and to expand further in the cinematic lighting market.

About Quasar Science

Quasar Science is a motion picture LED lighting manufacturer that was founded in Los Angeles in 2012 by a group of I.A.T.S.E. Local 728 Studio Electrical Lighting Technicians with over 100 years combined expertise in lighting movie sets.

The creative LED lighting products developed by Quasar Science are highly sought after on motion picture productions for their industry-leading color quality and versatility. Quasar Science is an innovator of custom LED technology and its unique products are available from cine equipment specialists and the Quasar Science website.

More information can be found at:

About Vitec Production Solutions

Vitec is a leading global provider of premium branded hardware products and software solutions to the growing content creation market.

Vitec's customers include broadcasters, film studios, production and rental companies, photographers, independent content creators and enterprises. Our product portfolio includes camera supports, video transmission systems and monitors, live streaming and IP video devices, smartphone accessories, robotic camera systems, prompters, LED lighting, mobile power, bags and motion control, audio capture and noise reduction equipment.

We employ around 1600 people across the world in 11 different countries and are organised in three Divisions: Imaging Solutions, Production Solutions and Creative Solutions. More information can be found at:  

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