Vocas introduce new products at IBC 2017

GTC sponsor Vocas is to introduce several new products at IBC2017, including a new follow focus system, the MFC-3 and MFC-3F, and the Top handgrip Pro.

MFC-3 and MFC-3F

The unique new follow focus system MFC-3 is totally different to all other follow focus systems currently in the market. The new MFC-3 has no transmission between the knob and the drive gear, making it 100% playless. There are two models: MFC-3 and  MFC-3F.

100% playless

The unique feature of the MFC-3 is that the focus knob and drive gear consist of just one part, meaning there is no transmission. This is a direct drive and, because of the elimination of internal gears, there can never be any difference in the motion going in and going out, making it 100% playless – Vocas can guarantee you that! This design also results in the MFC-3 having a 1:1 'transmission' ratio making it ideal for lenses with a small focus throw such as DSLR lenses and smaller cameras with integrated lenses. Additionally, because of the elimination of internal gears, the lifespan of the product is  dramatically increased.

The unique shape of the drive gear teeth is what makes this all possible. These specially shaped teeth can push the gear ring of the lens up or down when rotating the focus knob, the same way a camera operator is used to.


The second version of the system, MFC-3F, has one additional feature over the standard version: built-in adjustable friction. Rotating the red dial on the focus knob allows you to fine-tune the internal friction of the MFC-3F to your own preference.


This follow focus is angled slightly downwards for more comfort and can be rotated horizontally to a certain extent to make operating it even more ergonomic.

Reversible rotation direction

The rotation direction can also be reversed. This is easily done by moving the follow focus forward and backwards to let the gear grip the lens on the left or right side of the drive gear.

Palm support

As with the highly successful Vocas MFC-2, a palm support accessory is available for the MFC-3. This palm support makes it possible to focus the lens and support the camera at the same time! You no longer have to worry about your camera shaking when you switch from supporting your camera to operating the follow focus.

Right handgrip

Want to support the camera on both sides without purchasing another bracket for it? We have a rosette accessory for the right side of the MFC-3 15 mm bracket, which allows you to mount a handgrip on the same bracket.

Top handgrip Pro

The Top handgrip Pro is designed for people who like to have a closed handle for a sense of extra security and safety, for example, when wearing gloves. In addition, the closed handle provides additional safety with heavy set-ups, eliminating the possibility of a hand slipping.

A modular system with many possibilities

In addition to the added security and safety, the handle has many mounting options for ¼" and cold-shoe accessories. A carrying strap can also be attached to the handle.

The top handgrip Pro is a modular system. The core of the system is the closed handle itself. There is a choice when mounting on smaller cameras, such as the Canon EOS C300, or when mounting on big cameras, such as the Canon EOS C700. For both applications, various mounting brackets are available.

Single or multiple handle fixing points

Alternatively, a choice can be made between single or multiple handle fixing points. When using a single mounting bracket, the carrying weight reaches 40kg. With multiple mounting brackets, this increases to 75kg.

When using a single mounting bracket, a clamping block can also be mounted so that 15mm top bars can be used. The clamping blocks are available in 15mm and 19mm. If two mounting brackets are used then two clamping blocks can also be mounted to provide more stability and carrying capacity.

19mm dividable clamping block

Also new is the 19mm dividable clamping block. The 19mm dividable clamping block designed for the Top handgrip Pro can be split into two single 19mm rod holders. In this way, a single 19mm rod can be mounted on two mounting brackets (front and rear) allowing lens motors to be attached.

The new follow focus systems MFC-3 and MFC-3F will be ready for shipping at IBC and the new Vocas Top handgrip Pro is available right now. Vocas will have both on their stand at IBC  in Amsterdam, 15–19 September, booth 12.D56


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