ZEISS Supreme Primes: Introducing the new high-end cinema lens family

GTC sponsor ZEISS has introduced a new family of lenses for high-end film production. The ZEISS Supreme Prime family consists of 13 lenses with fixed focal lengths between 15 and 200 mm, the majority of which have a maximum aperture of T1.5.

“The lenses are designed for film productions of  extremely high quality,” says Christophe Casenave from ZEISS. “They are perfect for big-budget advertising or feature films, for example.”

ZEISS Supreme Primes are designed to cover cinematic large format camera sensors and are compatible with all the latest camera models, such as the Sony Venice, ARRI Alexa LF, and RED Monstro. According to Christophe Casenave, the versatility of the Supreme Prime lenses to create different visual looks is due to the gentle sharpness, the aesthetic focus fall-off and elegant bokeh. The lenses are extremely flexible and can be used equally well for science fiction thrillers or dramas.

Compact and lightweight

"Weighing an average of 1600 grams (3.5 lb), ZEISS Supreme Primes are significantly lighter and smaller than comparable lenses on the market,” says Casenave. With these compact and lightweight lenses, ZEISS is responding to many camera operators’ desire for compact equipment that still meets the highest standards of quality.

“ZEISS Supreme Primes are unbelievably rugged and reliable. Regardless of whether you are filming in the desert or in the Arctic, the lenses perform flawlessly."

ZEISS eXtended Data metadata technology

The ZEISS Supreme Primes are equipped with the ZEISS eXtended Data metadata technology. Introduced in 2017, ZEISS eXtended Data provides frame by frame data on lens vignetting and distortion, in addition to the standard lens metadata provided using Cooke's /i technology* protocol. This greatly speeds up the entire film production’s workflow. When using visual effects, for example, with only a few clicks the lens properties can be removed so that computer-generated effects can be accurately applied to the desired frames. The lens properties can then be reapplied with the same click of a button and combined with the film material to create a realistic image. Previously, all the data had to be measured manually so that it could be corrected in post-production. But ZEISS eXtended Data eliminates this time-consuming job.

Price and availability

The first ZEISS Supreme Primes lenses with focal lengths of 25, 29, 35, 50, and 85 mm will be available from 1 August 2018. The ZEISS Supreme Prime 100 mm will be available in December 2018. The set of six lenses, consisting of the focal lengths mentioned above, is available from ZEISS Cinema lens dealers for £81,000. The remaining focal lengths will be released successively until 2020.

The ZEISS Supreme Primes will be presented to the general public for the first time at the CineGear expo in Los Angeles on 1 June 1 2018. Expo visitors can test the lenses and speak with ZEISS’s team of experts at the ZEISS booth (New York Street Exhibits 49).

Further information is available at www.zeiss.com/cine/supremeprime

*1 /i is a registered trademark of Cooke Optics Limited used with permission.

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