GTC New Members

The GTC has nearly 1500 members, involved in all types of professional camerawork from many different countries around the world. We'd like to welcome those who have joined us recently:

Batu Akyol, Employed DoP/Director, London

Dominic Archer, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, West Sussex

Rich Baldwin, Employed DoP/OB Camera Operator, Northants

Charlie Barker, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

James Barron, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Harrison Boileau, Technical Instructor, Roehampton University, London

Nick Bond, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Aidan Boulter, Freelance Senior Floor Manager, Kent

Daniel Brooks, Sponsor, Head of Marketing & PR, MRMC, Surrey

Rebecca Bryan, Freelance Camera Operator, East Sussex

Jeff Chapman, Technical Instructor Film and TV, Roehampton University, London

Dino Charalambous, Freelance Director, London

Jo Charlesworth, Freelance Camera Operator, Bristol

Mark Clarke, Employed Camera Operator/Editor, South Yorkshire

Tom Clifford, Freelance Camera Operator, London

John Cooke, Freelance Broadcast Engineer, West Midlands

Tom Corbett, Employed Camera operator, Chessington

Dominic Danson, Sponsor, Global Distribution Group, Cambridge

Wim de Vos, Freelance Camera Operator/DoP, Surrey

Matthew Fennell, Freelance Camera Operator, Buckinghamshire

Billy Foley, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Warwickshire

Elliott Gilfoyle, Sponsor, Cinewest Ltd, Director, Bristol

Ruairi Glasheen, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Mark Goodhew, Freelance Camera Operator / DoP, Hertfordshire

Jon Grieve, Sponsor, Bebob Factory GmbH

Mike Grieve, Sponsor, Commercial Director, Mo-Sys Engineering Ltd, London

Jake Hall, Freelance Camera Assistant, London

Steve Hall, Freelance Aerial/Drone Operator, Hampshire

Stephen Hayden, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Oxfordshire

Dan Hilltout, Freelance Camera Operator, Bristol

Robin Horn, Freelance DoP / Lighting Camera Operator, Bath & North East Somerset

Chris Hossent, Freelance Broadcast Engineer, Wiltshire

Dan Hunt, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Worcestershire

Richard Jones, Freelance Camera Operator, Nottinghamshire

Tom Legge, Freelance Camera Operator, Oxfordshire

Steve Lintern, Freelance Camera Operator, Kent

Sheila Marshall, Freelance Self Shooting Producer/Director, Surrey

Peter Milner, Employed Drone Pilot, Somerset

Richard Nolloth, Freelance Broadcast Engineer, Cardiff

Heath Olive, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Cheshire

Guto Orwig, Freelance Camera Operator, Swansea

George Parkes, Employed Video Producer, London

Kevin Phillipson, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Northants

Chris Reed, Freelance Broadcast Engineer, West Drayton

Steven Reid, Employed Camera Supervisor/Director, Surrey

Ian Shand, Technical Manager, Roehampton University, London

Richard Shaw, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Jamie Sonuga, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Christopher Stevens, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

John Taylor, Freelance Camera Operator, Derbyshire

Sarah Volpi, Freelance DoP/Camera Operator, Milan, Italy

Andy Wegst, Freelance Producer/Cinematographer, Santa Clara, USA

Matthew White, Student, West Yorkshire

Barney Wilkinson, Freelance DoP/Camera Operator, Oxfordshire