GTC New Members

The GTC has over 1300 members, involved in all types of professional camerawork from many different countries around the world. We'd like to welcome those who have joined us recently:

Neil Abbott, Freelance Camera Operator, Essex

Adam Abusweder, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Berkshire

Tim Allsop, NEP Broadcast Facilities OB Technical Manager, Bucks

Chris Bailey, Employed Senior Lecturer, Plymouth

David Baillie, Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP, Cumbria

Brian Barnes, Employed Camera Operator/Producer, Greater Manchester

James Baudouy, Freelance Camera Operator, Manchester

Tim Benson, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Greater Manchester

Ross Bliss, Employed HE Programme Co-ordinator, Weston-super-Mare

Jeremy Braben, Sponsor, Helicopter FIlm Services, Uxbridge

Matt Brannan, Employed Film & TV Production Officer, York

Mike Burns, Freelance Camera Operator / Supervisor, Kent

Chris Butterfield, Freelance Camera Operator, Grimsby, Lincolnshire

Mark Carey, Head of Cinematography, Northern Film School, Leeds

Richard Carroll, Freelance Vision Engineer, Middlesex

Alex Chiari, Freelance Camera Operator, Southampton, Hampshire

Rory Child, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Kent

Gary Clarke, Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP/Cinematographer, London

Sam Clarke, Freelance Camera Operator, Oxfordshire

Cath Connor, Freelance Camera Operator,  Huddersfield, West Yorkshire

Andrew Davies, Freelance Camera Operator, Preston

Jamie Davies, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Manchester

Ryan Day, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Yorkshire

Jonathan Dennis, Freelance Camera Operator (Remote Head), Middlesex

Andrew Dishman, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, York, North Yorks

Amelia Di-vito, Student, Orpington College

Burak Dogansoysal, IAWF Member, Freelance Wildlife Camera Operator, Turkey

Robert Dróżdż, IAWF Member, Freelance Wildlife Camera Operator, Poland

Richard Edkins, Employed Lecturer/Trainer, Weston-super-Mare

Nick Edwards, Sponsor, Director, Version 2 Lights Ltd, Bucks

Michael Eyraud, Sponsor, LaCie, Seagate Technology UK Ltd, Berkshire

Faye, Employed Head of Television, Falmouth, Cornwall

Christopher Fenton, Freelance Aerial Camera Operator, East Yorkshire

Trevor Ferris, Freelance Editor/Cameraman, Belfast, Antrim

Domenico Finizio, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Justin Fletcher, Freelance Camera Operator, Berkshire

Tom Francis, Freelance Camera Operator, Brighton, East Sussex

Kaitlan Gardener, Student, Buckinghamshire

Alistair Girvan, Freelance Aerial/Drone/Gimbal Camera Operator, Scotland

Barry Gross, Employed Senior Lecturer, London

Matt Hamilton, Freelance Camera Operator, Lincolnshire

Cliff Harden, Employed Senior Lecturer, West Sussex

Tom Hawney, Employed Camera Operator, Kent

John Hickie, Freelance Cameraman/Woman/Operator (BBC), London

Michael Holley, Employed Head of Department, West Sussex

Steven Hulbert, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Michael Hutton, Freelance Camera Operator, Yeadon, West Yorkshire

Gordon Inglis, Freelance Camera Operator, Glasgow

Colin Jackson, SmallHD, Sponsor Marketing Coordinator, Cary, North Carolina

Sophie Jackson, Course Leader, Cambridge School of Creative Arts, Cambridge

Gerallt Jones, Freelance Camera/Drone Operator, Clwyd

Ossie Jung, Prolight Direct Ltd, Sponsor, Hertfordshire

Geoff Kay, Freelance Camera Operator, Warrington

Osian Kingston, Freelance Assistant Jib Technician, Gwynedd

Marina Kissopoulos, Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP/Cinematographer, London

Shaun Lawson, Freelance Camera Operator, Norfolk

Lucy Leake, Employed Senior Lecturer, Plymouth

Max Leighton, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Rafael Libson-Hochenberg, Freelance Camera Assistant, Gloucestershire

Manolo Lozano, Employed Lecturer/Trainer, Bournemouth Film School, Dorset

Darren Mapletoft, Employed Programme Co-ordinator, West Sussex

John Mateer, Employed Senior Lecturer in FIlm and Television Production, York

John Millman, Freelance Camera Assistant, Manchester

Kaitlin McNaughton, Director of Marketing Strategy, Wooden Camera, Texas

Frances Nic Ruaidhri, Freelance Camera Operator, Galway, Ireland

Andreas Oberg, Freelance Wildlife Camera Operator, Leicestershire

Natalie Oberg, Freelance Wildlife Camera Operator, Leicestershire

Christine O’Connor, Freelance Camera Operator, Galway, Ireland

Duncan Payne, Sponsor, Adamantean Limited, Director, Berks

Sam Petty, Freelance Camera Operator, Hampshire

Josh Portwine, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Dave Prevost, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, London

Bruce Rawlings, Freelance Crewing/Production Facility, Cardiff

Daniel Rees, Student, Gwent

Henry Rees, Student, Sheffield, West Yorkshire

Philip Robertson, Employed Senior Lecturer in Cinematography, Leeds

Danny Rohrer, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Merseyside

Ricardo Sanchez, Freelance, Lighting Cameraman, Surrey

Nezih Savaskan, Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP/Cinematographer, London

David Scott, Employed Lecturer/Trainer, Anglia Ruskin University Cambridge

Nishi Sharma, Freelance Director/Cameraman, Epsom, Surrey

Marino Simone, TV6 Camera operator, Italy

John Sterling, Freelance DoP, West Sussex

Richard Stevenson, One Box Television, Sponsor, Berkshire

Tom Staniford, Employed Director/Producer, East Sussex 

Duncan Stingemore, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

Safwon Suleyman, Freelance Camerman, London

Rob Taylor, Freelance Lighting Camera/DoP, West Yorkshire

Gary Tepper, Freelance Camera/Jib Operator, Hampshire

Joe Thatcher, Solidmate Ltd, Sponsor, Hampton, Middlesex

Michael Turnbull, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Cheshire

Ian Tushingham, Freelance Camera Operator/Supervisor, Merseyside

Richard van’t Reit, Freelance Multicam Director, Surrey

Maggie Velkova, Student/Camera Trainee, Birmingham, West Midlands

Liam Wells, Employed Course Leader, Norwich University of the Arts

Eleanor Wentworth-Weedon, Student, West Yorkshire

Grahame Wickings, Freelance Lighting Cameraman/DoP/Cinematographer, West Midlands

Monty WIlson, Employed Camera Operator, East Sussex

Aaron Young, Freelance Camera Operator, Dartford, Kent


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ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge

ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge
29–31/03/2019 @ ARRI, 2 Highbridge, Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1LX

Peli injection moulded cases webinar

Peli injection moulded cases webinar
2 Apr 19 @ Online webinar

See ARRI at NAB 2019

See ARRI at NAB 2019
08–11/04/2019 @ NAB 2019, Las Vegas Convention Center, Las Vegas, USA

ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge

ARRI Certified Training for Lighting Techniques – Uxbridge
26–28/04/2019 @ ARRI, 2 Highbridge, Oxford Road, Uxbridge UB8 1LX

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