GTC New Members

The GTC has nearly 1500 members, involved in all types of professional camerawork from many different countries around the world. We'd like to welcome those who have joined us recently:

Rick Bailey, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Stockport

Augustus Barrett, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Simon Beech, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Liz Bell, Freelance Camera Supervisor, Buckinghamshire

Paolo Bischi, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

Sam Bishop, Freelance Jib Op Assistant/Technocrane Grip, Surrey

Henry Booth, Camera Operator, Merseyside

James Maniscalco Boyes, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Middlesex

Adam Boyle, C5 Employed Senior Camera Operator/Editor, Greater Manchester

Ian Brash, Sponsor, Aviwest S.A.S

Mike Brennan, Freelance Camera Operator/DoP, Caerphilly

Adam Bridge-Robinson, Freelance Student, Dorset

Cameron Brydone-Reed, Student, Bath Spa University, Somerset

Simon Buckton, Freelance Camera Operator, Hampshire

Lee Bullock, INFRATEC-UK Ltd, Sponsor, Middlesborough

Ed Cartledge, Freelance Camera Operator, Sheffield

Dion Casey, Course Leader, Bournemouth University

Tim Chester, Freelance Camera Operator, Bedfordshire

Martyn Chidlow, Freelance Camera Operator/Editor, Clwyd

Holly Choules, Employed Junior Camera Operator, Surrey

Jonny Cliffe, Freelance Camera Assistant, Hertfordshire

Jeremy Clifton Gould, Technical Services Manager, University of Gloucestershire

Dean Clish, Freelance Camera Operator/Supervisor, London

Luke Collins, Coventry University, Lecturer/Trainer, Warwickshire

Sophie Colvin, Freelance Broadcast Engineer, Berkshire

Ian Cooper, Freelance Broadcast Vision Engineer, Essex

Joe Cornick, Freelance Camera Operator, West Sussex

Dr Philip Cowan, Senior Lecturer, University of South Wales

Adam Craig, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Dorset

Duncan Craig, Freelance Camera Operator, West Yorkshire

Matthew Craig, Freelance Camera Operator, Brighton

Mary Crooks, Freelance Camera Operator, Kent

Stefan Czich, UK Sales Manager, Aspectra, Kent

Russell Day, Freelance Camera Operator, West Sussex

Luke Depper, Livewhire, Sponsor, Buckinghamshire

Tom Diffenthal, Freelance Camera Operator, Yorkshire

Ingrid Domeij, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Bristol

Jack Downes, Freelance Camera Operator/Drone Operator, Norfolk

Andy Duffy, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, West Yorkshire

Nigel Dupont, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

Reggie Dyton, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Colin Elves, Freelance DoP, Brussels

Meshack Enahoro, Freelance Camera Operator, London

James England, Freelance Camera Operator/Editor, London

Kieron Evans, Course Leader, Bournemouth University

Tudor Evans, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Vale of Glamorgan

Freddie Finn, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Michael Fokias, Freelance Camera Operator/Lighting, Hampshire

Warren Forster, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Kent

Emma Francis, Employed Lecturer Film & TV, Kent

Oli Francis, Producer, Content Creative Agency, Buckinghamshire

Claus Frederiksen, Freelance Lighting Cameraman, Denmark

William Gardner, Freelance DIT, London

Raj Gibson, Freelance Camera Operator (Senior), Italy

Stafford Gillott, Freelance Camera Operator/Supervisor, London

John Gogarty, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Adam Gooch, Freelance Broadcast Technician/Engineer, Norfolk

Grace Gravett, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Barry Grubb, Sponsor, 3LR Lighting Ltd, Somerset

Claire Hanson, Student, London

Oliver Hatton, Student, Bournemouth

Mike Hodder, Freelance DoP, Teddington

Jo Hodges, Freelance Camera Supervisor, Buckinghamshire

Chad Hodgson, Freelance DoP, North Yorkshire

Harry Holt, Student, Bedfordshire

Sam Hopes, Freelance Camera Operator/Drone Pilot, Lancashire

Dan Hopkins, Lecturer/tTainer, Coventry University, Warwickshire

Chris Howard, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Tom Hughes, Freelance Manufacturer Camera Rigging Equipment, Powys

Stephen Huntley, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Essex

Chris Hyde, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Hampshire

Matthew Joiner, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Bristol

Matthew Jones, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Lancashire

Kevin Joyce, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Dave Judd, Freelance Camera Operator, Cardiff, Glamorgan

Nick Kauffman, Freelance Camera Supervisor/Operator, East Herts

Patrick Keighery, Freelance Camera Operator, Nottinghamshire

Chris Kelly, Employed Director/Camera Operator, London

Kendal Kempsey, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

Graham Keyte, Freelance Jib Op/Camera Operator, Gloucestershire

Daryl Kibblewhite, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Warwickshire

Martin Kitchen, Freelance Steadicam Operator, London

Stuart Lambe, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Co. Antrim

Simon Loveridge, Freelance Broadcast Vision Engineer, London

Tony Lynn, Freelance Camera Operator, Kent

Paul Mackeson, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Somerset

Bhasker Maji, Freelance DoP/OB Camera Operator, London

Natasha Markou, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, London

Lesley McGlynn, Freelance Camera Operator, London

James McLean, Freelance Focus Puller, Surrey

Seth McNamara-Waddington, Freelance Camera Operator, London

James Melrose, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Tyne and Wear

Andrew Mickelburgh, Freelance DoP, Surrey

Paul Millican, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Cheshire

Nick Millward, Freelance Camera Supervisor, Middlesex

Paul Mongey, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Surrey

Peter Morrell, Freelance Director/Camera Operator, Wiltshire

Robert Murray, Employed DoP/Director, London

Neil Neenan, Freelance Camera Operator, Kent

Max Newcombe, Freelance Camera Operator, Essex

Trevelyan Oliver, DoP, Bath

Robert Palmer, Student, Bournemouth University, Devon

Rhys Parry, Freelance Camera Operator/Assistant, Caerphilly

Richard Payne, Sponsor, Holdan Ltd, Glossop

Jake Peniket, Student, Northern Film School, Leeds

Rugile Petrauskaite, Freelance Student, Northumberland

John Piper, Employed Lighting Vision Operator, Hertfordshire

Jeremy Power, Course Leader, University of Gloucestershire

Hazeleigh Prebble, Folkestone College, Lecturer Film & TV

Mike Ransome, MCR Broadcast Ltd, Sponsor, Chessington

Natalya Redding, Employed, Timeline TV, Technical Operator, Kent

Andy Richards, Employed KMTV, Editor/Camera Operator, Kent

Mike Richards, Employed Camera Operator, Shropshire

Matt Riley, Freelance Camera Operator, North Yorkshire

Callum Roberts, Student, Gloucestershire

Martin Roberts, Freelance Camera Operator, Somerset

Alex Rodger, Freelance Director/Producer, London

Toby Sali, BB&S Lighting, Sponsor, Santa Monica, CA

Oliver Salter, Student, Essex

Jakub Ševčík, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Poland

Mark Sheridan, Freelance Camera Operator, Hertfordshire

Christian Slater, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Max Smith, Freelance Director of Photography, Bristol

David Smith-Oates, Freelance Camera Operator, London

James Spencer, Freelance Camera Operator, London

Lee Stephens, Freelance Director/DoP, Gloucestershire

Adam Stidwill, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Nick Stubbs, Course Leader, University of Gloucestershire

Bram Styles, Freelance Camera Operator, West Midlands

Rob Taylor, Employed Camera Operator, BBC, Kent

Nigel Thomas, Freelance Camera Supervisor, Cardiff

Steve Thomas, Course Leader, Film & TV, Kent

Simon Thorpe, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, London

Daniel Turner, Freelance DIT, London

Sefa Ucbas, Freelance 1AC/Focus Puller, Glasgow

Richard Waiting, Freelance Studio Engineer/Camera Operator, Middlesex

Andy Walker, Freelance DoP/Trinity Operator, Avon

Stuart Went, Freelance Clapper/Loader (2nd AC), Merseyside

Thomas Wheeler, Freelance Camera Operator, Surrey

Matthew White, Student, West Yorkshire

Sanna Wicks, Coventry University, Lecturer/Trainer, Warwickshire

Rose-Anne Wiersma, Marketing & Comms Coordinator, Aspectra, Rotterdam

Paul Williams, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator/DoP, Gloucestershire

Chloe Winterbottom, Student, Cheshire

David Woodbridge, Retired Freelance Camera Operator, East Sussex

Melvin Wright, Freelance Lighting Camera Operator, Morden

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MPTS Connect
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Sony ProSession: How to pick the right camera lens to fit your needs
14 May 21 @ Online, 12.00 BST

Sony ProSession: Colour matching the FX3, FX6 and FX9

Sony ProSession: Colour matching the FX3, FX6 and FX9
27 May 21 @ Online, 12.00 GMT

Sony ProSession: HDR basics explained and on-set monitoring in HDR

Sony ProSession: HDR basics explained and on-set monitoring in HDR
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