MTVG 4K truck to cover Masters Golf

When the world's best golfers tee it up at the Augusta National course on 7 April, US viewers will be able to experience for the first time the nuance and detail of live 4K television. Essential to this groundbreaking event is the mobile production unit launched at the Masters by Denver-based Mobile TV Group.

MTVG's 39 Flex truck features 12 Sony HDC4300L 2/3 inch 4K Ultra High-Definition super slo-mo cameras with High Dynamic Range (HDR) for accurate reproduction of light conditions from bright sunlight to dark shadows. The cameras are matched with FUJINON 4K UHD/HDR lenses from the Optical Devices Division of FUJIFILM of North America. The 53-foot double expando unit is ideal for both sports and entertainment productions, boasting up to 48 4K inputs (or 192 inputs in HD). The FUJINON lenses on the 39 Flex are also compatible with Grass Valley LDX cameras on the firm’s other mobile units.

4K broadcasts arrive

MTVG co-owner and GM Philip Garvin said: "As we expand our fleet of Flex 4K mobile units, we're focusing on delivering the very highest quality, since that’s the added value for the fan watching at home. Ultra high-definition and high dynamic range are rewriting the rule book for pro sports events. At the same time, we recognize that 4K is an emerging standard for broadcasters, so we're designing our units with components and workflows that also work economically for HD and Super Slomo production."

With optical performance and quality beautifully complementing the 4K UHD cameras, Garvin feels the new lenses from GTC sponsors Fujinon will be vital in demonstrating the production possibilities of 4K for live broadcast today. The lens assortment includes:

  • two FUJINON UA80x9 4K+ UHD field lenses
  • two XA99x8 ultra-wide field lenses
  • four XA77x9.5 telephoto field lenses
  • two ZA22x7.6 telephoto remote control lenses
  • two HA18x5.5 wide-angle, ENG lenses.

Consumer ready for 4K

Said Garvin: "Mobile unit 39 Flex is ahead of the curve technologically for emerging standards. Fujinon lenses are designed for the future, and help us show our work in the best possible light. With more than 30 million 4K TVs sold last year, the consumer is ready for live 4K, and our 4K mobile units will be there to help fill those screens with stunning 4K images.”

Fujinon 4K lenses

Designed to produce the ultimate performance from today’s 2/3 inch sensor 4K cameras, the flagship UA80X9 4K+ lens has an 80x zoom and optical image stabilization, making it ideal for coverage of large-scale live events such as concerts and sports. The digital servo’s 16-bit encoding ensures that all lens data output—including the position of the zoom, iris, and focus—is extremely accurate. It can be linked with other systems, such as a virtual studio system for combining CG images with live action.

The UA80x9 offers exceptional optical performance from the center of the image to the corners of the frame while suppressing image distortion, ghost and flare. Its High Transmittance Electron Beam Coating results in richer colors and greatly improved blue response and transmittance. And a proprietary anti-fogging design minimizes lens fogging and reduces downtime due to moisture—a critical concern when shooting in all types of weather conditions.

About Mobile TV Group

Established in 1994, Mobile TV Group dedicates itself to technological innovation, customer service and competitive pricing. MTVG now provides mobile unit services to the networks that telecast the games of about 50% of all NBA, NHL and MLB teams. In recent years MTVG has also added an increasing number of national events, college sports and some entertainment events, totaling over 4,000 events annually.

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