Polecam to demo 7th Heaven at !BC 2009

GTC sponsor company Polecam has chosen IBC 2009 for the worldwide introduction of the film and broadcast industry's longest-reach truly portable camera rig, Polecam 7th Heaven. This will receive its first fully operational public demonstration on stand 10.C49 at IBC 2009 in September.

Polecam's 7th Heaven incorporates seven rigid carbon-fibre elements which interlock to achieve an 8 metre reach, delivering unprecedented versatility in terms of horizontal and vertical camera location. It gives the freedom to elevate the camera from ground level to 8 metres above the tripod pivot while retaining total control of boom angle, camera pan/tilt and camera ascent/descent speed. 

"Like the standard 6 metre Polecam, 7th Heaven can be carried anywhere and set up or dismantled in less than 10 minutes without need for spanners, screwdrivers or any other assembly tools," comments the company's founder and Managing Director, Steffan Hewitt. "An ordinary heavyweight camera crane would typically need the best part of an hour. The 6 metre span is ideal for most practical purposes but Polecam 7th Heaven's 8 metre reach allows much closer wildlife shooting where you want to get near your subject without risk of being eaten. It also has obvious advantages for live events such concerts or sports, and at crowded news briefings where you can go clean over the heads of other reporters."

Polecam 7th Heaven is made possible by a new formulation of high rigidity carbon-fibre elements, also now supplied as standard with the five-element Polecam rig. Using a combination of laminated and spun carbon-fibre with 24% more fibre, the new formulation delivers a 15 per cent increase in boom stiffness. It allows even novice users to achieve very high quality results both with the five-element and seven-element versions.

Polecam 7th Heaven is fully compatible with all standard Polecam accessories including heads, underwater housings, HD and SD cameras, CCUs and recorders. 7th Heaven also retains the internal ducts and total freedom from stabiliser stanchions that allow wiring to be routed inside the rig rather than left exposed to snagging or physical abuse. This also saves on rigging and de-rigging time by eliminating the need for external cable straps and allowing surplus-length cable to be stowed within the boom.

Tel: +44 (0)1234 855 222

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