RaceTech chooses IDT for super-slow-motion across-the-line images for Sky Sports Racing

RaceTech, a leading technical facilities company providing innovative solutions to the UK horse racing industry, has chosen Integrated Design Tools, Inc (IDT) as a technology partner to capture super-slow-motion across-the-line images for Sky Sports Racing. Both parties worked together to give race-goers and viewers the opportunity to watch the replay immediately after the race has finished.

"Given the speeds the horses are going past the finishing line, on a close finish it is not always clear which horse may have won a race, even on an instant television replay, because of television camera angles and associated frame rate motion blur," says Chris Clark, Racing Engineering Manager at RaceTech. "We wanted a way of giving viewers a similar experience to that of other sports where different angle replays are provided immediately before the official announcement."

"RaceTech considered many systems in the selection process with the criteria of suitability, performance, reliability, delivery and ease of deployment versus cost," adds IDT's UK Sales Manager David Rudeforth. "Most high-frame-rate cameras require a separate server/replay system to capture the huge amount of frame data. This amounts to a hefty price overhead on any system before you have even purchased the camera, control or connectivity interfaces. We quickly established that a camera with built-in record capability was the way to keep within budget. There are several camcorders on the market which have slow motion capability, capturing 150fps, but even at that frame rate the camera performance was insufficient and lacked the control capability required."

IDT cameras are used around the world in various roles from car crash testing to machine automation monitoring. Core of the system created by RaceTech for the Sky Sports Racing deployment is an IDT CrashCam Mini 3510, which can record and store up to 1300fps at 1080p. Measuring only 44 x 44 x 70mm, the camera also has an HD-SDI output which can play back at various speeds. The CrashCam Mini 3510 is linked to RaceTech's outside broadcast vehicle via a single optical fibre. An operator-configurable motion trigger facility allows images to be captured and played back automatically, freeing the RaceTech production team to concentrate on other activity.

IDT's CrashCam Mini 3510 is one of a family of cameras with specific features to meet the demands of outside broadcasting. The XStream Mini and R-Series cameras have twin 12G or 6G SDI outputs for applications that demand continuous live feeds. They also offer the ability to trigger further sequences, even when playing back super-slow-motion. Resolutions of up to 4K are currently available with 8K versions expected shortly.

About RaceTech

RaceTech (www.racetech.co.uk) is a leading technical facilities company, providing innovative solutions to the UK horse racing industry since 1946. RaceTech first developed its photo-finish technology in the 1940s and is still dedicated to providing leading-edge technology for race-day solutions, including the operation and maintenance of audio visual systems, closed circuit television, public address and radio communications. Its outside broadcast units supply HD pictures for terrestrial and satellite broadcast, including coverage horse races for the sport’s integrity service, RaceTech also pioneered the introduction of starting stalls to flat racing in the UK, which it continues to manage and operate.

About Integrated Design Tools, Inc.

Founded in 1997, IDT (www.idtvision.co.uk) is a world leader in developing high speed digital video cameras for applications ranging from scientific research, ballistics and car crash tests to broadcast television. IDT cameras have even been used in space. IDT specialises in very high image quality cameras with rugged and compact form factors.



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