VMI News - March 2024

VMI March News 2024

You choose which offset scheme VMI invests in

VMI offset schemeWe have just completed our third Carbon audit and we have confirmed that we achieved an impressive cut of 25.6% on 2023.

We plan to offset all 91.9T of 2023 carbon emissions through an Albert-certified offset scheme by Ecology and we're asking you to vote on their preferred scheme!

You have a voice, so vote for your preferred scheme to help VMI offset its emissions and we will invest in whichever is most popular.

6K Essay inviteNew draft 6K Essay, we invite your input

We have just finished writing a new white paper on whether we actually need to shoot at more than 6K and I am sharing a pre-release link for you. Prior to publishing this, we would love to hear your opinion, so we can quote you in our published article.

Do email me directly with your comments and if you have production images that help to tell the story, I will include as many in here as I can. (Please respond to me before Tuesday for inclusion). Barry

A 65” OLED is better than a 55” right? Surely a 300-mile range on an EV will always be better than a 200 mile range? Then what about a 15” pizza being better than a 12” pizza? The truth is that bigger may always seem like it is better (unless you have a small flat, can’t afford an expensive car or are trying to lose weight…), so what about the argument for shooting 6K as opposed to 4K? Then what about 8K, as opposed to 6K? When is more, well, less?.

Please view the draft article below, using password: 6kisgreat


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