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GTC Awards for Excellence

Love Island 2021 Final, ITV2
Camera Supervisor: Phil Pearce
TX date/time: 23 August 2021, 21.00–22.30

Reason for nomination
Lighting composition movement and drama including video packages reflecting the high production values of the series.

Wimbledon Men's Final, BBC1
Steadicam: Howard Woosey
TX date/time: 11/07/2021 13:45

Reason for nomination
Howard is responsible for the amazing Steadicam shot of the two players' journey from the changing rooms through the Wimbledon buildings and out onto Centre Court.
The route is fraught with difficulties but Howard has performed it flawlessly for many years, live, with the eyes of the world watching, and continues to improve it.
I think it is high time that this remarkable shot is recognised.


BT Europa Cup Final, CBS Champions League Final, BT Consumer Show, BT and CBS
UAV Camera Work: Batcam and their pilots and assistants:
TX date/time: 26 May, 29 May and 9 June (all at 8 p.m.)

Reason for nomination
I would like to nominate Batcam and their two pilots and assistants, for their filming of  three separate ‘studio pass-through’ sequences at the end of May and beginning of June 2021.

In all three sequences, the Batcam UAV flew in a continuous unedited shot from outside of a studio, through the complex and control rooms and onto the studio floor to start the shows. The piloting skills of the two operators concerned was fantastic and the results stunning. Many GTC members have congratulated the pilots on their skills on the GTC forum.

  • The first ‘fly-through’ occurred on the Europa Cup Final on 26 May, produced by Sunset & Vine and presented by Jake Humphrey for BT Sport, at their Stratford Studios.
  • The second was on the Champions League Final on 29 May for CBS Television. This was from the IMG Studios at Stockley Park.
  • The third occasion was back at BT Stratford Studios and was the opener of the BT Consumer Show presented by Stephen Mulhern and Emma Willis on 9 June, where after the fly-through, the coverage picked up with a live music performance by Anne-Marie.

I was present for this last aerial feat and saw firsthand the professionalism and quality of the work. I believe that they justly deserve GTC recognition for their skills.


Dispatches: Undercover in Africa’s Secret State, Ch4
DOP: Andrew Thompson
TX date/time: 17 June 2021, 11.30pm

Reason for nomination
This powerful and shocking film is a great piece of television journalism and much of the credit must go to the brave souls who risked everything including their lives to bring the secret footage out of Eritrea. It's a beautifully crafted film and the director Evan Williams is a master of storytelling. This is what Dispatches should be doing all the time (it isn't!) and it sets the benchmark for world affairs.

The film was enhanced by some truly wonderful camerawork by Andrew Thompson. The interviews were beautifully composed and lit, the landscapes were glorious: it was a masterclass in photography. No gimmicks, no fancy machinery, just Andrew and his great eye.

I'm not one who believes that photography is more important than characters or storyline. A poor story with beautiful photography will always equate to a poor film, whereas a great story with great characters will nearly always make a great film even if the photography is average. But when you have a great story and great photography combined, that's when a film becomes truly special and Andy has brought an extra dimension to this documentary and I think it's well worthy of a GTC award.


Clarkson's Farm, Amazon
Director of Photography: Casper Leaver
TX date/time: 11/06/21, 8pm

Reason for nomination
Casper Leaver & team did an amazing job with some stunning visuals capturing the highs and lows of a year on Jeremy Clarkson's farm. They captured the humour, warmth, sadness and huge risks of running a farm in the UK today. Hopefully this will raise awareness of environmental issues and the support farmers really need if they are to continue putting food on our tables.


Eurovision Song Contest 2021, BBC
The Camera Team
TX date/time: 22/05/2021 at 8pm

Reason for nomination

After waiting for 2 years for Eurovision to return, it certainly came back with a bang despite restrictions still being in place. The camera work complemented each song nicely, with the lighting and stage crew teams contributing hugely.  

Standout sections included Greece's performance with the use of green screen. Switzerland and France were filmed in a beautiful cinematic format that transported you away from a live performance. During the France performance, the handheld shots moving around the singer were a standout. Usually we aim for smooth perfection but the movement really complemented that particular section of music.  

The amount of time and effort that went into Eurovision this year really showed and all of the team working on the show deserve to be recognised for excellence.`


It's a Numbers Game, BT Sport 1
Camera Crew
TX date/time: 10/04/21

Reason for nomination
I would like to nominate the entire camera crew for their teamwork in producing the new series of BT Sports It’s a Numbers Game. This nomination reflects how important teamwork in studio and location shooting is. The studio shows are shot in one day at the Stratford BT Sport/Timeline studios.

For judging I am putting forward the most recently transmitted show, show two of the series, which was transmitted on 10 April on BT Sport 1 (Freeview channels 408 & 430).

BBC News at 6 – Inside the Covid Ward with Clive Myrie, BBC1
Camera Operator: David McIlveen
TX date/time: 6pm / 10pm, 21/1/21

Reason for nomination
David was part of a three-person team, including presenter Clive Myrie, who went inside a COVID ward at the Royal London Hospital. This was a series of reports that ran all week (commencing 18 January 2021) on BBC News at 6. A tiny clip can be seen here:

David's camerawork, sound recording and lighting were outstanding, particularly considering he would have been wearing full PPE and probably steaming up regularly. His shots were creative and poignant, and incorporated stunning drone shots including a very memorable one that jibbed up over a mass grave site.

For me, this is the most moving and heart-wrenching footage captured of the whole pandemic. We have all seen COVID stories recently, I but I feel David's work deserves special recognition.

Storming The Capitol, ITV
Camera: Mark Davey
TX date/time: 12 January 2021

Reason for nomination
Outstanding documentary footage by cameraman Mark Davey of the incredible scenes in Washington DC as the insurrection unfolded when the seat of American government was invaded in the Senate and Congress. Mark was in the thick of the dangerous action from the build-up outside to the mayhem inside, which claimed the lives of five people.

A truly memorable piece of photo-journalism on one of the world's greatest political incidents of all time that will be spoken about for decades to come.