Feedback from recent workshops

Travelling with Kit

I'd like to add my appreciation for a great workshop. Tok Teks were fantastic hosts, including a very generous goodie bag! All the info was interesting and valuable. Thanks to Clive for organising, James and Rex for helping, and to Jonathan for being a great host - I would have liked to hear more from you about your personal experiences and advice for travelling with kit, so look forward to your further ramblings when you have time to share.

Thanks Jonathan, Clive, Top-Teks and all for the organizing. Some great information and help. Was a very useful day although slightly depressing to hear that we face another 10 years of battery issues!

Here's another big ‘Thank you’ for another excellent GTC day, this time at Top-Teks. Excellent talks, well presented, and very nice hospitality from Top-Teks in very nice surroundings made this another worthwhile day out. My thanks again to all the organisers, James French, Clive North, and colleagues, and here’s to the next one!

TV Centre Studio Tour

Here’s another big ‘Thank you’ to all the GTC organisers (Clive North, Derek Hall, et al)  for arranging the visit to BBC TV Centre yesterday.
It was most pleasant and useful, too. And nice to see that the building has been renovated as studios, flats and a hotel.

Panasonic Open Day for GTC members

Here’s a big ‘Thank you’ to all our GTC organisers for a really good presentation at Panasonic today on the VariCam and EVA1 cameras. Excellent talks in very nice surroundings with very useful demos. I have written to Panasonic to thank them as well for their great hospitality. Another good GTC day out!

Please add my thanks to those concerned (the GTC workshops are always interesting!) As a Sony owner it was good to visit the “dark side"! Just got to keep my hands in my pockets now!

Colorimetry: Art or Science?

Another big 'thank you' to the GTC for yesterday at Pinewood. Alan, Neil, Pablo, Derek, Clive, Christine and everyone else put a lot of effort into making this an excellent explanation of various aspects of this complex subject. All the Sony staff were really helpful and the whole day was a pleasure.

What a fantastic day! I thought I was just about beginning to get to grips with the HDR workflow, but learnt SO MUCH more! The science displayed behind the colour was so in-depth, and a real eye-opener in places. I look forward to battling my next blue stage LED :)

Thanks to all concerned for the successful workshop held yesterday at Sony, Pinewood Studios. A really good turnout at the very well equipped venue enjoyed an extremely informative day.

Thanks to Alan, Neil and Pablo for the lessons and to Christine for her brilliant timekeeping during the day. What a team!

The balance between colour theory and practical was spot on for me, and it was very clear that Alan, Neil and Pablo REALLY knew their stuff! One of the best workshops so far – thanks to everyone concerned!

I would llike to express my thanks for an extremely interesting and engaging day on Tuesday. Alan, Neil and Pablo - all experts in their field - made sure that just about every aspect of colour science (and a lot more) relating to video and film recording and post-production was covered in depth. Their enthusiasm for the subject and willingness to engage in all our on and off session questions (during their lunch and coffee breaks too) was much appreciated by everyone. Thanks also to Sony for providing first-class facilities and equipment while keeping efficiently in the background.
As a trainer in Camera and Lighting myself, I know how much effort it takes to prepare, set-up and deliver 'training sessions', which is not always fully appreciated!
Everything we ever wanted and needed to know about colour!

Drama Lighting with Nick Dance BSC

Working mainly in the corporate environment, often what a client sees on Sunday night TV, they want in their next corporate on Monday, so my reason for attending was to pick up some tips and tricks from the drama world, that I could incorporate into what I do. We shoot a lot of “scenarios” for training, so the example scene was perfect.
Nick’s experience clearly showed and his relaxed presentation style, ably supported by the other members of the team, made the day go very quickly. Well worth the GTC subscription alone!

It was a bit of a decision to make the long journey there and back in the day from Yorkshire to attend.

Hands up ...I don't know anything about drama and lighting for drama. The only bits I've dabbled with have  been reconstructions as part of documentaries so, I was expecting to be blinded with 'drama science'! I was worried I'd come away from the day thinking it's time to get a proper job! What I actually got from Nick's presentation was reassurance that what I am doing on a day-to-day basis is similar, just on a smaller scale, which I can easily upscale if I need to...

Well worth the journey down.

4K, UHD and HDR Workshop

A big thank you to Clive North for organising today's workshop and to Sony for hosting us at their Digital Motion Picture Centre . Thoroughly enjoyed the day, learnt a great deal and met up with some old friends and met some new ones too! These workshops take a huge amount of organisation and being able to attend is yet another great part of being a member of the GTC.

I'd also like to say a big thank you to everyone involved in organising the workshop. It was very informative – another GTC workshop success!

Basic Lighting

Just a quick note to pass on my personal thanks to Neil for yesterday's workshop session.

It was a wonderful day filled with new and old tricks that I'm looking forward to put into practice.

It was great to meet other GTC members and bump into some faces I already know.

Saturday's workshop run by Neil Harrison was really good. I learned loads despite there being a really wide range of experience among the attendees. Many thanks to Neil

Drones and Gimbals

I would like to congratulate Clive on another excellent workshop which was definitely worth the trip up from Devon. Everybody's contribution was extremely informative. What a great venue and lunch!

Great day out. Covered a lot of ground. Simon Beer, the Helicopter Girls and Paul Nicklin gave a great insight into drone developments past, present and future.

Great day,  lovely venue and great presenters.  If there's a downside I may have to buy myself a Ronin now :)

I'd like to add my thanks to Clive and the rest of the team, and the presenters - great day! These workshops take lots of time to organise, but are well worth it - must be gratifying when they're fully booked and attended like yesterday. Only problem is the "free" workshop turns into trying to justify buying an Inspire and Ronin-M.

Dealing with Data: a Cameraman's Guide

Excellent day spent attending the Dealing with Data workshop conducted by Neil Harrison. A big thanks to Neil and to Clive North for organising the event.

Studio Camera Operations

By my membership of the Guild of Television Cameramen the fantastic day on Saturday organically fulfilled my childhood dream of pedestal camera operation within a leading studio, thank you again so much... As guests we were made to feel so welcome, to enjoy a genuinely hands-on, relaxed day with all involved chatting, listening and learning from each other. Please accept my praise for the ambassadors of both TLS and of the GTC.

What a day, truly one to remember for all the right reasons.

A really brilliant day where again I gained so much... Becoming a member of the Guild is helping me so much in ultimately preparing  me for a career change into the industry. Along the way I'm making some really good friends too, who are all as passionate as I am about TV camerawork.

I would like to give thanks to everyone involved in organizing and running the workshop. It was a great experience, with the staff members at The London Studios patient enough to run through the same information several times in one day and answer any questions we put to them. I certainly learnt quite a few things I didn't know beforehand. I'm looking forward to attending the next workshop.

Going to Extremes: Filming in Wet, Dry, Heat and Cold

I attended the recent "Shooting in Extreme Environments" and feel I've already had my membership money back. What a great day, two terrific speakers in Kevin and Gavin. Thank you to the organisers of the event.

Fantastic day...really encouraging and so inspiring to see what these two gentlemen have gone through and then achieved. Learned so much....Cracking day!! What a great investment of my time... Thank you GTC!!!

A big 'Thank you' to Clive North and his colleagues for organising yesterday's two GTC talks about filming in extreme conditions. And a big 'Thank you' to the two speakers, Kevin Augello and Gavin Newman for their wonderful talks about filming in extreme conditions, up mountains, across deserts, under the sea, through caves and just about every other impossible place… Superb films and lots of good, useful information… Really wonderful to see such enthusiasm and expertise from such nice chaps.

It was a truly fascinating, stimulating and useful day. Huge thanks to both speakers for taking the time and trouble.

A Day with Larry Jordan

Larry is the perfect balance between knowledge and teacher... An excellent day for me, I came away with things I really should have know - like, if I'm being honest, how to properly use a vectorscope! Thanks to everyone who helped organise it - well worth a 300 mile round trip!

Larry Jordan was 100% the professional in presenting and delivery of very focussed content. The agenda was ideally tailored with not a minute wasted. Thank you. 

Lighting Gloss for 4K – with Jonathan Harrison

Jonathan Harrison gave a really excellent talk and produced a really nice picture from a very elegant model who showed great fortitude in the chilly weather!

A big 'thank you' to Clive North and his team for excellent organization and who kept everything running on time but with a relaxed atmosphere and nice food supplies throughout the day. The sound system was also well operated.

Another thank you to Alan Roberts, whom I had not met before, but was most helpful and informative and enthusiastic.

All in all, a really excellent day which, by the way, I know has saved several of us attendees a lot of money by telling us which lighting to buy or not buy and cutting through some of the manufacturers' hype.

Well done to all for their hard work in setting up the tons of equipment and even more tons of food!

Fix it before: In-camera grading

It was great to have such a detailed and also very practical workshop on this increasingly important area. Great to have a gathering of so many like minds and to put faces to names too – it was very well attended. Looking forward to going to more in the future. 

Grading at Prime Focus

If last night was as welcoming, informative, interesting and social as Tuesday evening's event then all who attended should be pleased they went.

Tim Waller explained and demonstrated the art of grading in an easy fashion and was pleased to answer questions from his guests. Add to that some fun anecdotes and a glass of red and you have all you need for great learning and positive feedback.

A really good event, thanks for the opportunity.

Social networks, live streaming and monitoring

An excellent GTC event was held today at Edge Hill University in  Ormskirk. I think everyone who attended learned a huge amount, so if you are able to go to the London meeting at Kingston University on the 27th, I can highly recommend it!

This is a fine workshop and I would even say essential knowledge for camera-work in the future from OBs to corporate.

A big thank thank you to those who organised it and to Edge Hill University for their hospitality.

A big thank you to all involved in today's workshop... As a new Operator, I found the day very informative and useful.

Just to add my thanks to everyone involved with the workshop yesterday. It was really excellent and I reckon that the GTC is the best value subscription I have ever had!

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