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The GTC's twice yearly journal has been around since 1973, the year after the Guild was started. The hazy origins of its eccentric name may be hidden in the mists of time but the content of this well-respected magazine is always cutting edge.






Zerb is unique in that it is both edited and largely written by cameramen. Each issue is edited by a different member of the GTC acting as guest editor with the overall operation overseen by a managing editor for continuity. This system ensures that material in the magazine is predominantly 'from the cameraman's point of view' and strives to be topical, objective and always of interest to working cameramen, featuring an entertaining mix of technical information and human stories related to the craft of camerawork.

The Zerb Archive: a history of modern camerawork


Over the years topics and shoots covered have included every conceivable aspect of camerawork and the body of back issues forms a fascinating archive of the trends and changes in TV technology and techniques. Few of us are lucky enough to own a full set of copies dating right back to 1973 but the new website is a perfect opportunity to open up this fascinating resource to members and visitors to the site interested in nearly forty years of TV history. Quite a few of the back issues are available for purchase and for those that are not we are working on developing a digital archive.

GTC members can read recent past issues of Zerb online by clicking through from a specially created page in the GTC members area (you have to be logged in as a GTC member in order to use this facility) or click here for how to join the GTC.

Sample articles from recent issues of Zerb

Click on the images below for sample articles from recent issues of Zerb. They give a glimpse of what this publication is all about. The screen versions of the pages don't really do justice to the outstanding quality of the printed copy, but you can always join the GTC and get Zerb delivered to your door free. 

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If you are not a GTC member but would like to subscribe to Zerb, then please
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Annual subscription to Zerb (in the UK)

Price: £11.00 incl p&p
Availability: Next issue (Spring 2013)

Annual subscription to Zerb (outside the UK)

Price: £17.00 incl p&p
Availability: Next issue (Spring 2013)

Pages in this section

  • Zerb Issue 82

    Zerb Issue 82Zerb 82 – Autumn 2015               Contents DoP Gavin Finney BSC on creating the look for Wolf Hall Ballot Monkeys - TiCA winner Martin... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 81

    Zerb Issue 81Zerb 81 – Spring 2015               Contents Andrei Austin on shooting new epic time-travel drama Outlander in the Highlands of Scotland on the ALEXA The... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 80

    Zerb Issue 80Zerb 80 – Autumn 2014               Contents Underwater world – top underwater cameraman Gavin Newman talks about his work, and explains the challenges and... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 79

    Zerb Issue 79Zerb 79 – Spring 2014 Contents BT Sport: Graeme McAlpine introduces the new BT studios on the site of the London 2012 Olympic Park in East London Perils on the seas of... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 78

    Zerb Issue 78Zerb 78 – Autumn 2013 Contents Earthflight - aerial specialist Richard Cook on how the brilliant 'bird's eye views' were achieved for this multi-Award winning BBC series Cold Chain Mission... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 77

    Zerb Issue 77Zerb 77 – Spring 2013 Contents Isles of Wonder: London 2012 - Camera supervisor Barrie Dodd on televising the spectacular Danny Boyle Opening Ceremony sequence Coldplay Live... the technology... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 76

    Zerb Issue 76Zerb 76 – Autumn 2012 Contents London 1948 – Televising the Austerity Games ... contrasted with the huge operation involved in broadcasting London 2012 Zerb Basics – demystifying... [READ MORE]

  • Zerb Issue 75

    Zerb Issue 75Zerb 75 – Spring 2012 Contents Freeze Frame: A wildlife cameraman's adventurers on ice - Doug Allan Thinking big – the latest little camera from Canon - the EOS... [READ MORE]


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