Advertising Banner Details

January – December 2017

price per month
6 months minimum

(1 per page)
(3 per page)
(pixels W x H)

960 x 100

690 x 370


100 kb

100 kb



(shared with
up to 3 others)










All banners have page exclusivity, except for the Home Page Header Banner.

Home Page header banners will share their slot with up to three other banners. When a page is loaded, a banner is chosen at random by the server to be displayed. This remains in place until the viewer either leaves the page and returns, or clicks the 'Reload' button in their browser. Over a one month period your banner will appear at least 25% of the time.

Bonus Appearance

In addition to appearing on the page of your choice, your banner will also be chosen randomly from all the current banners, to appear in the same slot of all unsold pages.

Updating Banner Content

You may update your banner's content as often as you like, free of charge.


Monthly website and click-through reports on request. More detailed reporting available through Google Analytics.

VAT and Discounts

VAT at the current rate will be added to all UK invoices.

10% discount if two or more ads run concurrently.

10% discount applies for GTC Sponsors.

Agency discount: 10%.

Technical Specifications

Animation: 15 second limit

Border: 1 pixel black (recommended)

Acceptable File Types 

Acceptable files types are: .jpg, .png, .gif

Flash files (.fla, .swf) are NOT acceptable

Additional Guidelines 

The following ARE NOT allowed to run within www.gtc.org.uk:

  • Ads that include, or link to sites that include, profanity, pornography, hate, sexually suggestive text, promote illegal activity, pyramid schemes, chain letters, or religious content. 
  • Ads that do not incorporate the advertiser’s logo or link to a page that does not include the products or offers shown in the ad. 
  • Ads that have a pop-up, or a pop-under ad, launched from within the ad, or from the landing page, whether real or imitated behaviour.

The following ARE allowed to run within www.gtc.org.uk, with restrictions: 

  • In the case of advertising or creatives containing the word 'free', phrasing must contain an indication that terms & conditions apply, for example: “See offer for details”, “Limitations apply”, “Click for details”, etc. (An asterisk alone, next to the word 'free' is not sufficient. Furthermore, the conditions of the “free” item must be clearly disclosed on the landing page. 
  • www.gtc.org.uk will run ads with more than one brand or product in them, so long as we are informed in advance by the advertiser, for example: a co-branded credit card.

Terms and Conditions

Acceptance of your advertisement is conditional on it complying with the British Code of Advertising. We accept no liability for losses, consequential or otherwise, caused by error of insertion or omission.

Our terms are 30 days. As the GTC is a non profit-making organisation, we would appreciate prompt payment.

For further information, or to make a booking, please contact:

James French
GTC Advertising Manager
3 Alexander Avenue
Droitwich Spa

Tel: +44 (0)1905 796910

Mobile: +44 (0)7855 743845

e-mail: advertising@gtc.org.uk

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ARRI Electronic and Mechanical Accessory Open Day

ARRI Electronic and Mechanical Accessory Open Day
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4 Jul 17 @ VMI, 7 Victoria Estate, Victoria Road, Acton, W3 6UU

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Shooting with the Fujinon MK50–135mm
4 Jul 17 @ Alma's Room, Hippodrome, Leicester Square, London WC2H 7JH

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Planet Earth II Revealed
5 Jul 17 @ RGS (with IBG), 1 Kensington Gore, London, SW7 2AR

Visual Impact: Canon C200 Hands-on Day

Visual Impact: Canon C200 Hands-on Day
5 Jul 17 @ Visual Impact, Teddington Business Park, Station Road, Teddington TW11 9BQ

RED Digital Cinema screening – Jago: A Life Underwater

RED Digital Cinema screening – Jago: A Life Underwater
12 Jul 17 @ Dolby Theatre, 4–6 Soho Square, London W1D 3PZ

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