Sony enables remote control of a wide camera range through ISO-PTP protocol

Sony Camera Remote Command

GTC Patron, Sony releases its "Camera Remote Command", its full list of commands enabling developers to remote control any of 29 Sony cameras. A first of its kind, by sharing "Camera Remote Command” Sony removes restrictions to third party software development to remotely control aspects of shooting, monitoring, and file transfer in Sony cameras.

New version of Camera Remote SDK (Version 1.12)

Additionally, a new version (Version 1.12) of the existing software development kit "Camera Remote SDK" is available as of April 12th, bringing WIFI connection amongst other improvements.

Camera Remote Command

"Camera Remote Command” is the full list of code commands needed for the remote control of cameras, using a communication protocol that is Sony's proprietary extension of the ISO standard PTP (Picture Transfer Protocol). Sony is thereby facilitating the operation of operating different brands of camera products through a single software application, or the application of existing software to Sony digital cameras, to easily operate several cameras for example through a single piece of third-party software or when using specific control platform or operating systems. This package of information includes command references and sample code for developers.

Camera Remote SDK- Version 1.12

Camera Remote SDK provides software developers with a way to integrate Sony cameras in their solutions and applications. Previous versions allowed software developers to customize camera settings, shutter release and live view monitoring in their software applications, by providing them with package software modules, API references, and sample code.

Version 1.12 expands the range of compatible Sony camera models, and now supports the α9 III, one of Sony’s full-frame interchangeable lens camera, offering a more efficient workflow when using Sony digital cameras to take remote photographs in a business or professional setting, such as inspections, surveying and e-commerce.

Version 1.12 and further versions will support the following features:

  1. In addition to USB and Ethernet connections, the SDK now also supports Wi-Fi connection control, making it possible to use even in environments where wired connections are difficult. 
  2. Around 100 dedicated automation functions1 are now immediately available, including now the remote switching of available memory card slots for recording still images or videos and, switching the ISO AUTO upper/lower limit according to what is being captured and the lighting conditions.

From now on, both "Camera Remote Command" and "Camera Remote SDK" will collectively be referred to as "Camera Remote Toolkit." Users can choose the most suitable tool for their development goal and application. 

1: Currently, the models that support this function are the α1, α7 IV and the α7S III. For details on the functions, please check the specifications included within the SDK. Future supported models will be announced in upcoming updates to the API reference.


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