GTC kit reviews

In response to feedback from our recent Member Survey, the GTC has initiated an exciting new strand of kit reviews, which will be overseen by self-described 'kit junkie' Council Member Graham Risdon. GTC In Focus will include a new Kit Roundup column and video reviews will be posted here as they become available.

If there is a particular piece of kit you'd like to see reviewed, or you would like to get involved in this process, please get in touch with Graham Risdon, Kit Review Coordinator.

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Atomos Connect

Kit Review: Atomos Connect   Watch our review of the Atomos Connect for NINJA V/V+ from GTC sponsor Holdan, presented and produced by GTC Kit Review Coordinator Graham... [READ MORE]

Rosco DMG Dash

Kit Review: Rosco DMG Dash     Watch our review of the new DMG Dash pocket LED solution from GTC sponsor Rosco, presented and produced by GTC Kit Review... [READ MORE]