Meet the Council

Council is the ruling body of the GTC, as defined in the GTC Constitution. It consists of up to 20 members, elected at the AGM or co-opted. Full Council members are unpaid, except for expenses; members who are paid for providing a service may also be Council members.

Following nominations by GTC members, a new Council took office at the 2018 GTC AGM held at Brooklands Museum  on Sunday 3 June 2018 and will serve for two years (2018–2020). The posts of Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary were retained by the incumbents Graham Maunder, Simon Edwards, Simon Roe and Peter Rance, respectively.

Honorary President: John Henshall

Chair: Graham Maunder

Vice-Chair: Simon Edwards

Secretary: Peter Rance

Treasurer: Simon Roe

How to get in touch with a GTC Council Member

All members of Council have a GTC address in the format:
or contact the GTC Office or Council Officers.

Council officials 2018–20 (alphabetical)

Alison Chapman
GTC Website Administrator 

Alison Chapman

I have been on the GTC Council since 1992.

I worked at Thames TV, firstly as a picture researcher, before training as a camera operator. After completing the Technical Training Scheme, I went into the Thames Teddington camera department, where I worked for seven years, as well as on OBs and The Bill. I was awarded a GTC Award for Excellence and an RTS Award for work on The Bill. After Thames lost its franchise I worked freelance on both video and film.

I was Managing Editor of Zerb for 25 years until Autumn 2019. I am still content editor and administrator for this website, which I have looked after since 2007.

Jake Bennett Young

Going into 3 years of freelance working in television, it’s fair to say I’m quite new to the game. However, I grew up surrounded by cameras, and have long had a passion for them. My interests lie predominantly in the technical, supporting others in reaching their creative vision, rather than having any vision of my own. With this in mind, I love my work as a Camera Assistant or Data Manager, and would love to be able to work my way up to DIT.

As one of the youngest members of Council and the GTC as a whole, I’m very keen to help the GTC win the attention of the next generation of TV professionals, currently working as assistants, trainees, or even those in higher education. In doing so, we can hopefully secure the future of the Guild for a long time to come, as well as fostering and supporting the next generation.

Mike Connelly

I started as a stills photographer at Pinewood in 1966 after school, then gained City & Guilds in Photography. The film industry only had on-the-job-training and I had to pester my boss to let me attend day release at Twickenham College. I think I may have been the first person in the British film industry to receive outside training.

In the 70s I changed from photographer to cinematographer, working at the British Aircraft Corporation Film Unit, based at what is now Brooklands Museum. In 1978 I inaugurated a broadcast-standard video unit at the Harrier & Hawk site in Kingston-upon-Thames.

Redundancy hit for the second time and, at 42, I knew there wasn't much chance of a staff job in TV, so went freelance. My first freelance work was at BBC Southampton News. then BBC World News and PTO Ltd. This enabled me to get back to my skills as a cinematographer, working on BBC documentaries. I retired in 2018.

Alan Duxbury
Education Officer/
Bill Vinten GTC University Awards Director

I worked in studios and OBs before becoming a lighting cameraman with the BBC Film Unit and going freelance in 2002. Having worked in most television genres I specialised in documentary work.

I organise the Bill Vinten GTC University Awards film competition for undergraduates and, as education officer, liaise with universities and their programmes. I can be can be contacted on: or


Simon Edwards

I have been working in the camera department for nearly 25 years, always freelance, on everything from feature films to multi-camera OBs, gradually working my way up to being a lighting cameraman.

As a lighting cameraman I feel very strongly that we need to be maintaining and improving standards across our craft, and helping to maintain the position of our technicians as among the best in the world.

Working with the Education Officer, using my recent teaching qualification, I hope to use my time on Council to help promote and improve the training on offer for camera technicians.

Rob Emmanuel

Zerb Managing Editor


James French

Advertising and Sponsorship Manager

I have been a freelance Lighting Cameraman since 2001, working for a wide variety of clients in studios, on OBs and PSC.

I have been heavily involved with the GTC Council for many years, in a variety of roles. My current one is to liaise with our sponsors and recruit new ones. I also sell advertising for Zerb, GTC In Focus, this website and email blasts.

Contact: 07855 743845

Sally Garrett
Social Media

James French

I am a freelance camera operator from Liverpool but now live in London. I have been a camera operator for over 16 years working mainly in studios and on OBs. I am a skilled ped operator in drama, music, LE and live events.

I started at BBC Manchester as an assistant then moved to BBC TVC to become an operator, where I stayed for 11 years until being made redundant in 2000. I have  been freelancing for 6 years and work with many clients including BBC, Visions, Sky, and many independent productions.

Kate Harvest
Exhibitions Manager

I’m a freelance camera person based in Manchester, and I work across a range of genres including broadcast, online, branded content, heritage and museum work, as well as much documentary as possible. I’ve travelled all over the world and will never turn down a shoot abroad, but I’ve found that working on shorter projects gives me a balance between a career, being at school to collect the kids, keeping on top of the allotment, and getting out running in the hills, cycling, sailing, and anything else I can fit in!

I made my decision to join Council after spending a day helping James French at KitPlus, and will be looking after the GTC presence at exhibitions and shows.

John Henshall
Honorary President

John Henshall


Whilst a BBC cameraman in the 1960s and 1970s, I met Dick Hibberd and helped him establish the Guild in 1972, serving on our first council.
I left the BBC in 1976 to run my camera effects company, Telefex, and to work as a freelance Director of Photography on some of the earliest music videos. I formed my own group of DoPs, our work including MTV Europe for its first 10 years. Other credits include Channel 4's Network Seven, ITV's Spitting Image and many other programmes and commercials.
More recently, I have been heavily involved in the emerging field of digital imaging since its birth, organising conferences in the US and consulting for major imaging companies.
I am immensely proud to have been made Honorary President of the Guild in succession to Dick Hibberd and to be able to support all the dedicated people who run the GTC on a daily basis.

Mark Howe

I’ve worked in the camera department since 1976 taking just a month out in 1977 to record sound on Liam Neeson’s first ever film – full costume drama shot in the Belfast hills! Both he and I were very very young. I got one of my first lighting camera breaks with Shaw Taylor on Police 5 in 1980.

Training in 16mm then moving into tape in the mid-80s, including a couple of years as a video editor, helped greatly to understand what “shooting for the edit” means. I’ve always been a cameraman at heart however, following in my stills photographer father’s footsteps. I freelanced, mostly at the BBC on factual programming, up to about 5 years ago. I'm now doing more corporate jobs with my new camera  – the amazing Ursa Mini Pro. 

I’ve greatly appreciated GTC workshops over the years and now hope to give a little back to the Guild by serving on Council.

Keith Massey
GTC Ambassador

Having retired after my four years as Chairman of the GTC, I was pleasantly surprised to be invited by Council to become the Guild's first 'Ambassador'.

This is a new role for the GTC – and myself – which will allow me to pursue and to further some of the work I had been trying to achieve as Chairman in terms of meeting with, informing, and hopefully even influencing, those in positions with the power to effect change and improvements around issues of concern in the TV industry and in particular the camera department.

Graham Maunder

DoP/Lighting Cameraman working through my company: Awfully Nice Video Co Ltd (ANVC).

Originally trained at the BBC, working at TV Centre and on OBs, then independent companies before starting ANVC.

My work is a varied mix of documentaries, sport and occasional drama. I also do motorbike and skiing camerawork as well as charity work for UNICEF.

I have edited two issues and written articles for Zerb, play a fairly active role on the GTC Forum and, as a company, we try at ANVC to help with training and work experience for aspiring cameramen.

I hope that whilst on Council I can help promote the GTC in a positive way to younger cameramen in particular and to help encourage more people to join and be active in the GTC.

Peter Newman

Peter is a Freelance Camera Assistant working primarily in Light Entertainment and Live Sport, and has worked in various technical roles over the past 5 years. He has previously been a guest editor for Zerb and a judge for the Bill Vinten GTC University Awards.

Peter is a firm believer in improving the training available to new and established camera crew members and will be working towards this end during his time on the GTC Council.

Clive North
Workshop Organiser

Clive North

I'm now a happily retired freelance lighting cameraman after 40-odd years on the road shooting local news for  around 15 years, and the rest mainly on documentaries with special emphasis on science and history.

When I took over the role of Workshops Organiser some years back, I rather cheekily tried to set up the kind of workshops I would personally find of interest and benefit. That seemed to work well but now I have a more democratic approach and set up events that I feel will benefit the most members!

That must have been a popular move as GTC Council very kindly awarded me Fellowship at the Awards ceremony in May 2016.

Hazel Palmer
Awards Officer

I'm a freelance cameraperson who works across as wide a range of projects and locations as I can: news, sports, music, documentary, drama.

I would like to help to uphold quality and creative excellence in television, as well as to campaign for due recognition and fair chances for all.

I'm currently Awards Officer for the GTC and welcome nominations from all our members. 


Rex Palmer

Rex Palmer

I worked for the BBC from 1963 to 1996, initially at TV Centre, then at London Outside Broadcasts where I became a Camera Supervisor before going freelance.  

Most of my work now is as one of the cameramen covering the Formula One Grand Prix races all over the world.


Peter Rance

Starting in the BBC straight from college, I was paid to be a Trainee Assistant Cameraman. Changed days!

I’ve now been a freelance lighting cameraman for 30 years working in broadcast and corporate.

I’m currently the GTC Secretary, tasked with the smooth running of the AGM, Council meetings and the reference point for the GTC's Constitution.

Andy Reik
Kit Review Coordinator

I’ve worked as a freelance lighting cameraman since 2000 and have run a couple of companies supplying kit and crew over the years. I have a keen interest in new technology and have just got my CAA PfCo drone licence. I’m very interested in growing the GTC’s online presence and feel that creating more video content is the best way forward as it is the main driving force for all of us.

Please contact me if you are interested in being involved with reviewing kit for on-screen reviews whether in front of or behind the camera.

Roger Richards
Membership Administrator/
Editor, GTC In Focus

I joined HTV in 1971 as a trainee assistant cameraman in the film department and, over the next 20 years, worked my way up to lighting cameraman. I became freelance in 1991 as a lighting cameraman and director of photography.

I became editor of the GTC Newsletter in 2004, renaming it GTC In Focus and, in April 2011, I was appointed GTC Membership Administrator. At the 2014 AGM I was also elected Secretary.

Simon Roe

Simon Roe

Simon is Head of Cameras and Managing Director at
Zest4.TV Limited, which specialises in providing camera and post-production facilities to the live event industry.

He has been a professional cameraman for over 9 years
and now also multi-skills as an editor, director/vision mixer and engineer.

Simon has been the GTC’s Treasurer since 2010 and is the guardian of ensuring that the GTC’s money is spent wisely for the benefit of its members.

John Rossetti

John gained his experience from working as a cameraman in BBC films, news and current affairs. He has worked for ITV and many overseas news organisations. He was Technical Instructor at BBC Production Training and has his own lighting company.

John currently specialises in lighting commercials in the USA and lighting studios in the UK.

 John Tarby

John Tarby

John Tarby, former Vice Chairman of the GTC, is a Documentary Lighting Cameraman in London working in broadcast and business television who also works as stereographer and cinematography tutor.

A qualified photographer when it was trendy in the late 1960s, he learned cinematography, on the job, whilst working first for the Royal Aircraft Establishment and later for Unilever Research. He became a freelance TV cameraman in the 1980s and also helped start the Electronic Camera Company, one of London's first broadcast videofilming facilities.

John became a Council Member in 2004 and managed the GTC Awards for 6 years, taking It from a rural retreat to a city celebration with steadily increasing attendances. It remains the prime thing the GTC does which demonstrates to the wider television community the benefits of employing professional TV cameramen and GTC members in particular.

Chris Yacoubian
Welfare Officer

I"ve been lucky enough to be associated with the GTC for a while now, having contributed to a few articles for Zerb.

With more than 20 years experience in all aspects of the TV camera world, I have been fortunate to work with some of the most incredible people and in some of the most unique and wonderful places on the planet. I see this great opportunity of being on Council as a way to encourage the new generation of image-makers to strive to be the best in the world.

Having the added responsibility of being the GTC Welfare Officer, I hope to be able to offer advice, support and encouragement to all those in our wonderful industry that may be going through difficult times, whatever their circumstance or story.

As well as providing a link to those out there trying to make inroads into our industry, whether they are a media student or the next budding amateur Roger Deakins, I hope to be able to create a platform where the industry is more approachable and understood.

John Waters
IAWF representative

John is an award-winning wildlife and documentary cameraman. He is familiar with a wide variety of filming styles and equipment, and has credits on over 60 films, many of which have won awards at festivals, including Wildscreen. In 2008 he was nominated for an Emmy for Cinematography for Meerkat Manor.

He has filmed in more than 30 countries, has workable Spanish and French, and was IAWF Committee Chairman from 2000–2004.

Non-Council officials

Sue Hynard
Minutes Secretary

Nearly 20 years ago, after a lot of GTC Council time had been spent arguing over the Minutes from meetings, it was decided to appoint a Minutes Secretary. Sue Hynard, who had lots of experience of committee work but very limited knowledge of cameras and filming techniques, was employed. Over the last 18 years, she has learnt and now understands more about camera equipment than she ever thought possible – and thinks cameramen are some of the nicest people she knows. Her work with the GTC has led to her becoming a trustee of the Television and Video Camera Craft Educational Trust. 

Alex Wade
Legal Advisor

Alex Wade is a media lawyer, freelance journalist and writer. His legal career has seen him work for some of the best media law firms in the UK as well as many national newspapers. As a journalist he contributes to the UK broadsheets regularly, writing on law, sport, travel and books. He is also the author of three non-fiction books and one novel. Alex is available to advise GTC members on legal problems they may encounter, especially those in media law, including contractual and rights queries. Contact Alex Wade


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