Become a Patron of the GTC

Without the generous support of the GTC's many patrons over the years, we would have struggled to provide the range and quality of services that our members have come to expect. Thank you all for helping this non-profit making organisation continue to grow and thrive in the twenty-first century.


Your company makes an annual donation to the GTC. This money will be used for subsidising administration, workshops, our publications, the awards ceremonies or virtually anything else.

In return, your company's name, phone number and web address are listed in every magazine, on the website and on posters when our stand appears at an exhibition.

We will also give your press releases priority for use in GTC in Focus or in the special Patron News section of this website.

You are entitled to a 10% discount on any advertising and we will work closely with you to help promote your company through the likes of workshops, articles and so on.

A nominated representative of your company becomes a Patron Member of the GTC, free of charge, for the duration of your patronage. This person will have full access to the website, the internet discussion forum, receive all publications and be entitled to attend workshops etc. The only difference from a full member is that they will not be entitled to vote at Council meetings, although they will be entitled to attend.

There are three bands of donation, based on the size of your company. These are not subject to VAT. All aspects of patronage can be discussed with our Advertising and Partnerships Manager, Simon Edwards at