Membership categories

The GTC invites applications for membership from those engaged in the television and moving image industries.

Please note: Camera professionals, students, DITs, vision engineers and others are all eligible to apply under our Full, Associate and Student categories. Those working outside the television industry may apply under our Affiliate grade.
Free Academic membership is offered to those working in educational establishments and are directly involved with education in television and associated media studies.
If you are unsure of whether you will be eligible to join, or which category to apply for, please contact the GTC administrator for advice.

While the form still has a place to enter the names of 'sponsor' GTC members, we no longer require this and will soon be removing it from the form - so please do not be put off from applying to join if you don't have any contacts to enter there.

Full Membership

£65.00 per annum. Cameramen / camerawomen with at least three years' professional* experience in any branch of television.

Associate Membership

£40.00 per annum. Cameramen / camerawomen with less than three years' professional* experience in any branch of television.

* The word 'professional' in these categories refers to cameramen / camerawomen who earn their living working in the television industry.

Affiliate Membership

£65.00 per annum. Those who are ineligible for any other category of membership but who, in the opinion of the Council, would further or promote the objectives of the GTC.

*All non-broadcast applicants for Associate or Affiliate membership must have two existing GTC Members as sponsors to their application for membership.

Student Membership

£20.00 per annum. Individuals attending a full or part-time course which is recognised by the Council as being appropriate. N.B. Membership will lapse on completion of the course. To continue membership, re-application will then be necessary under the normal criteria.

IAWF Membership

To join the GTC as an IAWF member, please visit the IAWF website: Your application as either a full or associate member will be approved by the IAWF team and you will then be routed back to this site to complete the subscription process.

Retired Membership

£30 per annum. Existing members who have retired from full-time employment.

Academic Membership

Since 2018 it was Academic membership (for tutors of colleges and establishments of Higher Education whose aims are compatible with the aims of the GTC) has been free. Please contact the GTC Education Officer, Alan Duxbury, for more details and how to apply.

As a professional Guild with admission criteria, we do all we can to verify that applications for the various categories of membership are valid. The more information about your experience, reference contact details and/or GTC referee names you can give us at the time of making your application, the faster we will be able to process your application, so please do include as much relevant information as possible. 

Payment methods


  • Direct debit
  • PayPal
  • Internet bank transfer


  • SWIFT international money order
  • PayPal

To join online, click here

or for more information contact:

GTC Membership Administrator
Briar Cottage
Holyhead Road,
LL61 5YX

Tel: 0300 111 4123

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