The GTC wants to establish how it can best continue to support, inform and engage with members – so, we are asking you to take approximately 15 minutes to complete our most comprehensive survey ever.

Why are we doing this?

The aim is to find out about the demographic of our members, what kind of work you  do, what you think the GTC is doing well, what we could do better – with the goal of providing the services and benefits that members value most highly, in the most accessible and appreciated formats.

What does the survey ask about?

There are quite a lot of questions but we want this to be a one-off survey so have included as much as possible in one go. Broadly it asks in five sections about:

  • you as a member (geographical location, type of work, job title, whether you own your camera equipment, etc)
  • your membership (which GTC facilities you use, which member benefits are most valuable, how you prefer to engage with us, etc)
  • how you use the website
  • the GTC's publications
  • personal circumstances and background (age, sex, religion, etc).

Not all questions are mandatory but please try to complete as many as possible including the final section. A high participation rate in all parts of the survey will give us the best idea how to use GTC resources and also a more thorough understanding of the makeup of our membership that will enable us better to address diversity, fairness and inclusion within the organisation. Answers are anonymous and will be treated confidentially (unless you explicitly choose to give your contact details where this is an option).

Thank you for your time and help:

To complete the survey please use your unique link in the email you will have been sent.

If you have not received your emailed link or cannot find it, please contact the Survey Organiser.

Closing date for submitting completed surveys: midnight Sunday 7 February 2021.

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