GTC Awards 2023

The GTC's 2023 Awards were presented on Thursday 2 November at Coventry University, alongside the Bill Vinten University Awards.


GTC Innovation Award

Christian Berger & Jakob Ballinger

We were honoured to present Jakob Ballinger founder of Lightbridge and Christian Berger AAC inventor of the Cine Reflect Lighting System with our Innovation Award for their spectacular Lightbridge CRLS.

The Innovation Award is awarded to a piece of equipment that has made an outstanding contribution to the art and craft of television camera professionals and the Lightbridge CRLS is a deserving recipient.

The Lightbridge CRLS is a series of reflectors designed to provide you with a natural look by maximizing the flow of light from a single or original source. There are 4 different levels of diffusion on precision aluminum-coated, smoothly polished, wrinkle free surfaces that reflect 97% of the light without any colour shift.

GTC Innovation Award - Lightbridge


GTC Dick Hibberd Award

Paul Freeman

Having been a popular and unanimous choice by Council for the Dick Hibberd Award in 2023, it was a great pleasure to be able to meet up with Paul and a lot of his friends, colleagues, other GTC Council members and even 2 past winners (some ticking all of those boxes!) at the Lamb & Flag in London on a sunny Monday in February 2024 to eventually be able to pass on the Guild’s top award to the worthy winner.

Paul was as humble as ever and really excited to finally get his hands on this well deserved honour.

On behalf of the Council and the whole of the GTC, many congratulations Paul and thanks to Martyn Porter & Tony Freeman for their sterling work in getting everyone together.

Read Paul's acceptance speech


GTC Fellowship Award

Alan Duxbury

A Fellowship of the GTC, is granted to a GTC member who, in the opinion of the majority of the GTC Council, has 'served the GTC in an exceptional and exemplary manner'. This year Council was really happy to be giving a fellowship to Alan Duxbury for his years of service to the council and wider membership.

Alan has most recently served as Education Officer and organiser of the Bill Vinten Awards, keeping us in touch with many universities promoting eduction in the art of camera craft.

Fellowship Award - Alan Duxbury