Environmental good practice


One of the best sources of advice for environmental good practice in film and TV is BAFTA's initiative albert.

albert is funded by the industry, which allows it to make its tools, training and resources free to use.

Main resources include a:

albert also offers advice on how to raise and show environmental issues in editorial: wearealbert.org/planet-placement

and free training in sustainable production (currently online):

See more: wearealbert.org


BECTU Camera Branch has issued 'Film for Future', a document created by working camera assistants within the BECTU Camera Branch for guidance in developing sustainable practices within the industry. Crew members may use it as inspiration for building their own set of practices, which will naturally adapt between each job and team.

GTC sponsors

We are also always on the lookout for good practices amongst GTC sponsor companies.

In Zerb 90 we wrote about VMI's advanced environmental policy, which includes plastic-free policy, work from home and cyle to work initiatives and electric delivery vehicles. Download the Zerb article.


In November last year, we reported that Helicopter Services had committed to carbon offsetting on all their shoots:


If you are a GTC sponsor company which is working hard to improve your sustainability, please get in touch so that we can share your tips on good practice.